What’s the Catch of the Day?

Those little messages we find along the way. Those serendipitous moments that catch our attention because of their ascended quality.

Perhaps they come in the form of a new perspective, a more beautiful way of experiencing something, or the concept that something doesn’t need to be in our life anymore.

Hook that idea. Reel it in. Inspect it. If the value is there, don’t just acknowledge it, but insert that gem into your life. Let it take the place of everything below it. Make it the new standard in the realm to which it applies. From that moment on, accept nothing of a lower quality.

A moment of elevation is one thing.

Claiming perpetual ownership of it – and all the other ones which will follow – brings the extraordinary.

It is an effortless way of erasing unwanted habits in your life and experiencing the limitless – according to your rules.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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