Vein of Pure Gold

This life we are all going through can be thought of as having two components, a horizontal one and a vertical one. The first, relating to advancement or decline in our worldly status in areas such as money, job, house, location, investments, etc., while the vertical one keeps track of how high we have risen above the earthly horizontal platform.

Whether seen, read, or in some other way experienced, we all have come across an idea that really resonates with us. Maybe you come across a book that touches upon a sensitive area of your life. As you wander further, little gems of gold may periodically appear to you. Naturally, you add this author to your list of favorites.

Take a look at the picture above. See those specks of gold? Those are what you are experiencing. They’re in the same rock as your vein of gold, but will always remain only as teasers to keep your interest.

Your close attention, please . . . those little specks are all you will ever receive from a blog, a book, or a movie. Why? It’s simple. That is all the room you have allocated for your ‘vertical’ realm. As good as the ‘speck’ may be, you value all those facets of life on the horizontal more. The speck may remain with you for a day or two, but it needs nurturing and a place to live and grow, or it will wither and die.

The horizontal components of life – money, work, your values, agendas, strife – if and when they shrink to nothing – you open up the possibility of your quiet moments revealing wonders not as specks, but now as connected parts of the Infinite, all in your vein of gold.

Your ‘vein of gold’ brings together and establishes a river of thoughts and actions that are truly majestic, but just for you. No author can write words so focused because no one knows what it is you really need. Not what you ‘want’ – but what you need.

It is so energizing finding just one thought that is stimulating. Imagine rowing your little boat gently down a stream, a stream consisting of nothing but these miraculous gems of gold. Here, every thought, every vision, every conception, is majestic. Because they are all yours. This is where you find – yourself.

This stream, this vein of gold, can not be discovered by reading someone else’s ideas. The revelation never comes from elsewhere. It is personal and already exists.

It lies hidden, waiting for you to give it room – to stream in.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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