Contentment At Rest

When periods of quietude occur in your life, do they bring serenity and bliss? Are they occasions of relaxation and delight? Are they times of exultation, jubilance and dreaming?

Better . . . are you satisfied residing in your own thoughts during those times?

It would seem those intervals are given for our purification, our rejuvenation and our joy.

Is it not our prerogative to hold on to our own peace of mind?

Why, then, do we allow ourselves to be held down by the misfortunes of others? Can we not be one hundred percent empathetic with anyone and everyone, and still maintain our own peace of mind?

Can we not love someone in the highest way possible – but do it from a higher perspective? A perspective able to bring happiness and fulfillment to any situation, instead of just shared agony and despair.

There is a realm of the unknown which brings the most helpful answers if we are only quiet, sensitive and vulnerable enough to accept them. It is about bringing a subtle freshness and deeper understanding to honor situations and people who warrant it.

Contentment – from perfection. Kitty gets it.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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