How Should You Live?

For the great majority, life is nothing more than hanging on.

Accepting a place in the culture of their time; getting a job, acquiring a place to live, having a couple of kids, retiring. The interrogatory phrase ‘how should you live’ never is considered.

They see photos like the one above and can appreciate the beauty therein, but the possible connection of that beauty (and things much more magnificent) to their life is never considered.

The first picture brings to mind; stress, problems, agendas, failure, worry and helplessness. The second portends a state of being; carefree, open, stress-free, pure and above and beyond.

I was talking to a beautiful lady the other day who said something to the effect of, ‘people can only change so much of their life, and to rid myself of all my concerns just could never happen.’

For her benefit and anyone else’s please consider this . . .

This is not about You! This is not about how much you study, how much you think, meditate or dream. The only thing that matters is that you know the possibility is available. You’ve probably ceased a habit somewhere in your life, like stopped smoking. Were you the reason that caused you to stop? Most likely, a point in time came and you realized the switch had been turned off – you were no longer a smoker. It was effortless, surprisingly simple. You did nothing – but accept the change.

Back to the two photos above. You may identify with the top one but at the same time have some wonder as to what it would be like to embrace the other – to be at peace with everything, to experience continual bliss, to relate to everything you do now, but from a much higher level.

Here’s the best part! This is not a course to be learned, there is no pile of books you have to pour through, no studying, no applying yourself, no effort needed toward making yourself more thoroughly equipped or worthy.

Just as inferior habits in people’s lives are wiped out and replaced by purity in the blink of an eye, so are selections of life style. The more you do to try to ‘make’ something happen, the harder it will be for anything to change.

The whole idea is to just allow. When you – allow – an emptiness is created. That seems to be the only thing that matters to the Infinite. Then, when the timing is perfect, the vacancy is filled, miraculously.

The answer to the question, ‘How should you live?’ is given. That answer will be perfect, for you, only – and all that is left is for you to accept it.

All perfection takes place in just one way . . .

we allow it.

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Liaison to the Infinite.

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