Having Trouble Hearing?

The concept of the ‘Infinite’ seems to thrive and produce its Magic when the mind that is accessing it is free with no encumbrances. There is a saying that states that we come into contact with the Infinite proportionally as we withdraw ourselves from concerns of the worldly.

In other words, as we disengage our governance of life and reduce our thoughts about how we think we should live, our connection with the Infinite becomes greater.

The more we attain liberation from ourself, our value as a human being increases. When you relinquish even your personality to the Infinite the Magic flows.

In the humblest way I know I will venture a guess at the workings of this ultimate Mystery.

The Infinite must be befriended. A friendship must be established between you and the Infinite. As your trust and reliance on It grows, Its responses to you become more rich and deliciously satisfying. Just as worldly friendships can become more close, the same is true with the Infinite.

This process starts by freeing yourself from your mind. Every little question that perhaps you felt responsible for answering can be passed on to the Infinite. What is most amazing is that as the process continues, your questions can become more and more refined.

It is all given to you. You don’t ask or expect anything. This is about gifts, to you and just for you. Gifts in the form of answers that arrive as the highest and most subtle conscious energy.

Your only job . . . learning how to hear them.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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