A question from yesterday . . .

Could you give some guidance for those who have not the knowing or the inclination to ‘just accept’ how to ‘just accept’. There may be many out here who don’t have a clue…dont even know to have a clue…maybe that’s your point?

Thank you for the question . . .

We are, hopefully, addressing a form of ‘self-examination’ here as it applies to contentment. You mention folks that might not have the ‘knowing’. We all know right from wrong don’t we? Otherwise the concept of sin would be meaningless. And along with ‘proper’ and ‘improper’ actions we commit, we feel differently about ourselves. Discomfort comes from many sources, but when it arrives we know it – we feel it.

As far as ‘inclination’ goes, that is a personal decision. If there is no care about the self, no discussion would ever happen because of lack of interest.

Most folks have mental capacities on which they rely to understand and to get through life, like; memory, comparison, valuation and prioritization. By merely sitting quietly, alone, the above mental functions, and many others, can bring insights as to what is working well in a person’s life and what is causing problems.

Once ‘answers’ are discovered they can be ‘accepted’ personally – if they meet your standards.

My point from yesterday is this . . . Perhaps ‘self-examination’ is quite obscure. In this day and age it is so convenient to Google, grab a book, ask someone else, etc. No matter what the question though, myriad ‘answers’ will be available and then the daunting task comes as to whose opinion you are going to believe?

Why not believe what you discover – empirically – information you obtain through your own personal observations?

This process is a cumulative one. You learn and accept your first ‘personal truth’. It resonates with you because it was given just to and for – YOU! It feels great, so great. Then you add others. Soon, you have the structure of your life, YOUR life. Not a cobbled mess of who knows how many other authors and teachers.

And the structure, your structure, is born. It takes on a life of its own. It becomes your reason for living . . .

because it is the real YOU.

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  1. Do we all know right from wrong? What about all those who have no concept of what’s good for them(RIGHT) and what is not(WRONG)?
    Perhaps there are those among us who need some guidance
    along the way. They have never though for themselves…never knew that was possible…never really cared…and don’t have a clue what to do to better themselves.


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