Already Decided

There’s your daily trail. You could draw a picture of the bark on those trees from memory. Most days you don’t even see the trees, or any thing else in the periphery. Moreover, you can’t imagine a change in your logistics.

You have made up mind about yourself. New day? Get on the path. It has worked for you over the decades, why even ponder a change now? The same problems and disappointments will still be there, but they have been with you so long now, they have become – you.

A few thoughts beyond your normal realm could reveal another path waiting for life. This trail is brand new, for your discovery. You may envision it being lined with intrigue, fantasy, awe and fulfillment – and it is so! You find no grief, no depression, no problems on it. And that is so.

For this discovery, the new design, the oncoming majesty – it may be best to just let it come to you rather than applying limited human ideas.

Consider the flaws of your current path and thank it for its service.

Close your eyes. Dream. Listen. Float.

Effortlessly, allow Perfection to supply your replacement.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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