Dissatisfaction with the ‘Old Perfection’

In the past, as well as the present, we have all wanted the best, especially when it comes to information that pertains to ourselves. Nobody would go to a doctor who gave faulty advice. No one wants to go through life using inferior anything.

Our spiritual life most likely has been an example of this. We started out believing our god was the best, the only. Follow him/her and all our problems would total zero. But the years have brought a highly contrasting reality, haven’t they?

The ‘perfection’ of god turns out to be nothing but some other human sharing their perspective. Our prayers, who are they really going to? And we hear more and more about everything being made up of particles with frequency and vibration and waves. Could that mean different, and higher, forms of communication are possible?

Should our task be to help evolve the institution of ‘church’ into a space where folks are encouraged to deeply listen to a higher source of wisdom and guidance? No one knows.

But, one thing is certain, Marcia and I are going to take a stab at doing this. If you would like to enter in and offer your concerns, caveats or cravings – please do. There may be some who are content with their beliefs and quality of life. If that is you, please help us by sharing your reasons for your contentment.

People deserve the highest information possible. We hope to identify and select possibilities of sharing with each other, that ‘highest information’. We share many similar ideas about this whole process and also there are assorted topics where our views are like night and day. Perhaps, and hopefully, that is a good thing which will aid in making discoveries more open and free.

So far, the salient ideas are: 1) a group interaction 2) minds void of previous ‘knowledge’ 3) silent reverie where only new, pure information that is ‘given’ to us individually is acceptable 4) building, piggy-backing, on the thoughts given to others in our own personal way 5) to completely let go of ourselves and to be led by what is silently shared to us 6) being desirous for nothing, no particular outcome, nothing 7) embracing being part of everything, the Infinite 8) to realize these ideas of purity and unboundedness can be a way of life 9) a place where people are encouraged to experience their own highest Truths

That, hopefully, is the crux. It sounds so viable and relatively easy in print but little comments like ‘void of previous knowledge‘ means letting go of all you ever knew. For some, I don’t think it’s a possibility. It’s a sticky point.

My contention is this . . . As soon as someone identifies with the credibility of something, let’s say Jesus, or prayer, or Buddha, or the Pope, (at least I capitalized it for you, Frank!) or a resurrection – no matter what it is – as soon as that allegiance is there, a fence goes up signifying that inside that fence are all the folks that believe in this thing, outside the fence are those that do not so believe. Instantly there is separation. People die because of those fences. People die because of those fences. People die.

Can we for once be ‘free of fear’? Can we for once not be part of division – of any kind? Can we begin this by considering the betterment of ALL mankind and not make exceptions for those couple of beliefs that you hold so dear? For if we allow you to slip by with just one or two things you won’t give up, how are we going to explain to Mohammed over in Iran he can’t have his couple of exceptions?

This is getting good. PLEASE, please, enter in. Your comments will be cherished, especially if they are dissident.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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