Where Do Those Steps Go?

Marcia shared the following yesterday in response to ‘Looking for Authority’. She was a Unity minister for almost three decades. Her points are well taken . . .

“There are different factors regarding current reasons for the decline in church going. What you have written here is valid.. And…here is a revolution taking place in expanding beliefs outside the box of ‘religion’. Our collective beliefs in a ‘deity’ God is in a transformational process. We are evolving out of the old paradigm of ‘church’. And…I believe there is and will always be a place for community and a desire to connect. This is a stimulating conversation…one whose time has come to offer to those who are ready and wanting to have it and explore … so powerful, transformative and innovative!

Apologetics (the defending of the divine origin of a religion, etc.) is not where we are headed. Suffice it to say that most religions today are businesses. They provide the meeting place, seat and message from a human speaker in return for your offering. Marcia has a great thought in saying ‘people still want to connect, but not in the same format’ – as it has been done for so many years.

As mentioned yesterday, we all have been subjected to the idea that there should be authority figures over almost every aspect of our lives. And for some, that ideology fits well. But there are many of us who have outgrown the desire to be subjugated (brought under control) by some dominant being, whether that be a god, a minister or even a well-intentioned neighbor.

We realize we have minds and should be able to make sense – on our own – of this world in which we live. But the thoughts our minds come up with can be more harmful than helpful. Take Christianity for one example of many. Something is wrong when one book spawns so many factions. There are splinter groups of splinter groups. Even in small towns where the one church has existed for years, it breaks in two to accommodate folks with differing thoughts of the same book. And friendliness is usually not a key ingredient in the split.

Rampant are divisive issues; abortion, gay rights, race, politics and on and on. So, is absence of truth the cause for all this malady? Or is something else responsible for Marcia’s ‘transformational process’?

In this time of universal stress people want answers, but no longer are witty little cliches going to solve family disintegration, murder, suicide or drug addiction. The days of ‘take two aspirin and get some rest’ are gone.

The hidden answers to this pandemic will not be found by going through the ‘past help section’ of our memory. We’ve done that already, many times, and those directives are obviously heading us in the wrong direction.

An algorithm is just a fancy word for a step-by-step procedure for solving a problem. How do we get from A to E? Simple! From A, head over to B, then make a right at C, take a boat to D and a bicycle to E.

WE NEED NEW ALGORITHMS! Steps that assure us safe travel, pure travel. Steps that perhaps we have never even noticed before. Steps that take us above all the filth and greed down below. Steps that are perfect – absolutely perfect – for you.

I hope your first step tomorrow leads you right here.

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  1. Creating New Algorithms…creating a launching pad for higher wisdom…YES!
    Perhaps that new way is the way to evolve the institution of ‘church’ into a space where folks are encouraged to deeply listen to a higher source of wisdom and guidance? A space where people are encouraged and supported in deeply listening not simply reciting someone else’s teaching. Create a space where people are encouraged and supported in delving deeply into their own original thought and be open to HIGH THOUGHT not just new thought. What if out of this New Algorithms comes the next step to peace and harmony for all. Hidden from plain sight…all this time…its been here all along in the 14 billion years of existence…always been…but…and not understood.
    Time to WAKE UP!
    We are being given an opportunity to shift out of an outdated, antiquated way of really living the gift of LIFE!


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