Infinite Access

Something out there? Nothing? Everything? Eternity? A void? A reason to care?

Perhaps it is totally indiscernible or maybe your beliefs determine what is there.

I do care about the Infinite – more than anything else. It has been a gift, given to me without the slightest bit of desire on my part – none. I ask ‘Why me?’ and never is a reason offered. To those questions above – the answer is probably similar to replying to the question, ‘What is the sound of one hand clapping?’ No one knows and it will continue to be a mystery, forever.

Over the last few months you hopefully have experienced my writing ‘style’. I am thoroughly intrigued by words and the power they possess. When they are used in conjunction with the Infinite – it is Magic – for me. It is my highest – and only – calling.

How these next morning messages evolve only the Infinite knows, but today let me share what I have experienced about ‘access’ to the Infinite.

It is an ‘invitation only’ affair, but the invitation never comes!

You don’t open the mailbox one day and find a request for your attendance. There’s no fee you can pay to better assure your chances for acceptance. There is no 12-step plan to follow. It seems that any words of exhortation in favor of the Infinite are wasted and even detrimental. I was going to use the words ‘be aware’ (of the Infinite) but those words and all like them would be a literal travesty. Be Aware! Of what!? There are no words to convey anything about the Infinite. How, then, could anyone be ‘aware’ of It?

The salient question right now seems to be, ‘Can we hasten our involvement with the Infinite in any way? Wow! What a question.

Up until now I would have said, ‘Sure. Meditate, shed all your beliefs, be completely open and receptive, etc.’. But they miss the target, don’t they? Just more words to read and forget. What is missing is that unknown force that is needed to squeeze that hidden ‘inner trigger’. It is the same unknown force that ultimately enables us to quit addictions, lose weight or to take the first step into uncharted territories. We have no control over pulling that trigger. Somehow, in some mysterious way, it is pulled for us.

And when the inner trigger is pulled and the charge is activated, our path just appears – free of doubt, apprehension and strife.

Everything about the Infinite is a gift. We don’t earn it, work toward it, pursue it or labor for it. There is nothing to monitor, check for correctness or question. In Its own miraculous way, it is always there. Our perfect path is always there.

Our Ultimate gift – is understanding how to accept It.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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