Katie and John

“Did you have a good time last night?

“Pretty much the same as all the other nights I can remember.

“Are you telling me you didn’t leave?”

“What are you talking about, Katie? Leave, to where?”

“Forget it.

“You are really impossible. You make accusations with absolutely nothing to back them up.”

“Accusations? I asked if you had a good time last night, John. Just drop it, OK?”

“But you started this thing!”

“It’s just that it is so darn noisy in here. God, it is like living at a construction site by a water purification plant. Before, that incessant pounding sound was palatable, but I am getting sick of it now. It just seems like we have no stability – like we are floating through life and all I have to look forward to is your gurgling at night. I really need some time alone.”

“I didn’t leave . . . It wasn’t that I didn’t want to.”

“What was that?”


“Look, I didn’t select these living quarters.”

“Well, neither did I. But, hey, we have spent a lot of time together and done pretty well up until now. Why are you so edgy all of a sudden?”

“I’m not really sure. Maybe it’s a mid-life crisis or something. I just feel like breaking loose. Not really to get away from you, but to make certain we aren’t missing anything else – maybe a touch of the ‘Is that all there is?’ syndrome.”

“Wow, you are not even going to blame me for this?”

“I just need my space John. It’s a woman thing.”

“Not another ‘it’s a woman thing’. Your idea of space and my idea of space are miles apart.”

“You’re happy with our living arrangement?”

“Considering everything, it’s all right. We have enough food, water, warmth – and our health is great. Yes, I am content. You’re having ideas of snuggling up to someone else, aren’t you?”

“No. Maybe two or three.”


“Nothing. You just seem to move around too much. I get comfortable and then your gone.”

“I get that same feeling about you, too.”

“You do?”

“Yes, like you leave, and I think about what I have done to upset you. And I want you to return.”

“Have I ever disappointed you?”

“Sometimes you are gone longer than others, but no, you have always returned.”

“You don’t trust me. You’re going to pull the plug on us, aren’t you? You’re getting us all turned upside down.”

“I’m not turning anything. I thought that was you.”

“Maybe we should get some help.”

“From where?”

“Katie, if you would listen more now and then you would be able to hear voices right outside.”

“You’re suggesting we take advice from complete strangers?”

“They aren’t complete strangers; I’ve heard their voices many times.”

“Geez, you’re subjecting our relationship to unknown voices you have heard. Those voices could be from the devil and his entourage – but because you’ve ‘heard them before’ you trust them with our lives. What are we going to do, John, shout through the wall to get their attention. Get a life!”

Katie and John were born the next morning at 7:05 A.M.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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