Tutor Two

A week had gone by but seeing the Tutor again made those sensations of curiosity, inspiration and even the tears, return.

As you walked up to the same table as last week you noticed another Frappuccino there already. ‘Good Morning, I took the liberty of buying your coffee. We’ll save a couple of minutes. I hope you don’t mind.’

It wasn’t her words, coffee or her intonations that captivated you. She looked right through you, knew you as well as she knew mathematics, and she knew it – but you only felt it. You were ready to take on math today as that curiosity of the number one kept you busy. She watched again as you fidgeted with books and papers. You were ready! Stoked! Bring it on!

You began. ‘Le-‘. She interrupted, threw her foot onto a chair and exhaled. ‘Let’s take a few minutes and just – Listen’. Your procession of feelings went; incredulity, wonder, is this a joke?, clarity, peace, wonder, disbelief. After several minutes the Tutor sat upright, leaned forward and looked straight into your eyes and said, ‘I know you have considered the number one. Shut your eyes. Think about what you have learned, and tell me its most important concept and why you think that is so.’

wtf? WTF? You heard the question, you understood the question, but ‘importance!?’ The first positive digit? Unity? A whole? It is the start and interval of our counting process? You answered ‘Unity’ and tried to explain but the entire exercise was for you to start realizing that math was integral to worldly things, and to prime you for the Tutor’s answer.

Looking straight through you, she smiled and said, ‘You can book-learn any subject, but to assimilate perfectly, knowledge must flow. It must make perfect sense. It must build on itself and you must experience the learning directly. I am now going to share the first critical building block of mathematics with you. Don’t take notes, just Listen. Let the block form in your mind. Its formation needs no help from you.’

Her words were like arrows, remember? They started off . . .

‘The number one is unique because it is called an identity. When anything is multiplied by one the original number doesn’t change. When anything is divided by one, the original number doesn’t change. (Got it!). When any number or quantity is divided by itself the answer is ‘one’. Thus: 8/8 = 1 and X/X = 1. (Got it!). Further, if anything is divided by something that equals one, the original quantity doesn’t change. Thus: if (x+5) = 1 then (w – 6) / (x +5) = (w – 6). (Ahhhhh? Got it!)’

You had never experienced learning at this level. The impact was almost terrifying, perhaps reminiscent to brain-washing. Thankfully it was gems that were learned and they went on to assist you throughout your entire life. Get rid of clutter (all types), Listen, visualize, accept. Doubt and uncertainty evaporate in the presence of this power.

The Tutor whispered, ‘You will never forget this moment as long as you live. Cherish it. Remember the purity – and clarity. Wallow in the perfection. You can bring this elevation to every aspect of your life – math is just one example.’

With that, she touched the top of your hand for ten seconds, arose, and left.

Maybe the real you is still sitting in that Starbucks, maybe you have embraced the Tutor’s methods and are continuing on your own path of elevation, or maybe your Tutor hasn’t arrived yet.

If she hasn’t arrived, Listen – keep the door open for Her – woo her.

When you’re ready, She will appear.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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