The Infinite Part 1

From more than several individuals I have heard the interest in a new type of ‘religion’. Perhaps religion is not the correct word, but a revelatory matrix of exchange that allows a higher expression of our spiritual self. Most of you know that I have been ‘involved’ in this thing I call the Infinite for about forty years now. it brings about the highest playing field and most majestic thoughts possible, I have to believe. If you know me at all I have mentioned it to you already, but for reasons unknown to me the task of bringing its attainment to everyone seems to be on the table now.
The methodology for accomplishing this is not really formidable but quite abstract and different, and when the Infinite calls, I listen.
The crux of experiencing the Infinite is to literally internalize the idea that you can not do anything to hasten that happening. We all have that ‘ethos’ mentioned a few days ago which is the belief system we have accepted through the years and adopted to be our GPS or our directions for whatever we do. And not only can we not hasten the Infinite to do anything, even our suggestions to ourselves negates everything immediately. Our ideas bring along with them preconceptions of; how things are supposed to happen, agendas, lists and how to do things. In the Infinite, everything follows a completely new strategy and that, dear reader, IS the Infinite.
This is not about watching a YouTube and picking good thoughts out of it. It’s not about watching anything, listening to anything, reading anything, worshipping anything or conceiving anything. This is a pure, personal and idyllic undertaking. Nothing is known. No one can tell you anything about YOUR journey. It is not even given to you, it is just unveiled.
Initially, this is about finding the field, your field, that is suitable for Divine association. It resides in you already, but is so encumbered with your collection of thoughts and ethos that its resemblance to that field is nil. Many items have been there for a long time and will not want to leave. It is easy to think of dynamite or other kinds of force to accomplish a cleaning task like this, but now enters a phrase which will be shared quite often – ‘you do nothing’. This field is already there in your mind. Cluttered, yes – but there nonetheless. The clutter will disappear on its own because of our disassociation with it. In other words, we just let it go!
This process of letting go is the key to the Infinite. As we immerse ourselves in trying to ‘let go’ and ‘do nothing’, all the answers are discovered. When you begin, you will be in Kindergarten again only this time you will be encumbered by your lifetime of knowledge. Shortly you will find out that the more attached you are to your former learning the more difficult it is for the Infinite to get through to you. If you view your mind as a slate, realize that it has to be immaculate for your journey to even begin. It seems the best descriptor here is your ‘intent’. If your intent is to try this but with some self-moderation, some withholding, some lying to yourself about things you know you will never give up – please – don’t start, don’t try. You are not ready for the Infinite. There is a beautiful quote that says, ‘You know you have received the invitation when your heart is ready to risk everything to experience the Infinite.’
If you have been a person who others turn to for advice, this will most likely be difficult or impossible for you. If you wish to continue, consider that where this will lead to is a dream-land where nothing is as it is here on earth. Nothing. What works here does not work there. Get that now, please. ‘What works here DOES NOT work there.’ Any method that might get you somewhere here – DOES NOT work to get you there. Get the idea – now – that you know nothing again. Understand that this is not a comparison shop where you keep hold of some of those choice items from your past and compare them with what you might get higher up. This process will not begin until every last doubt, known, belief or kernel of knowledge is gone from your mind. If and when your slate becomes pure, you may have a beginning.
After the craziness – or pristine Magic! – of discovering how not to think at all, how to silence that constant stream of consciousness and what is the best situation in which you can attempt to do this has been learned, that most subtle starting gun may fire and you will be the only person that can hear it.
Even the ‘start’ – it’s not really a ‘start’ – more like a kiss.
Lastly, for today, understand that this is not a mission, nor a task, nor a diversion, nor a goal, nor anything you can possibly describe. It is a heading toward a glorious state of being that appears somehow and the more you grasp for it the more it vanishes. It allows you to be exactly as you should be, not like you want to be, but as you SHOULD be – PURE. It removes all barriers and limitations and as you surrender, fills those new voids with pillows of diaphanous (extreme delicacy of form) grandeur.

Tomorrow we’ll take a look at the action – of non-action. I realize the length of the messages are expanding, but this stuff is worth it!

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  1. The unfolding of this beautiful offering of Infinite Love is quiet awesome to behold. I am humbled to be on hand to witness its birth.🌰🌱🌳


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