Appellate Recognition

This blog – The Infinite – has to do with the mind, your mind. The functioning of our cerebral, epistemic faculties dictate the quality of our lives and a critical concern of how your mind operates comes down to ‘feelings’.

Our demeanor creates the pond from which our minds produce and extract ideas. If you are beleaguered by problems, distasteful concerns or some pending doom, those negatives contaminate the whole pond and everything in it. If this is where you find yourself you must correct that before anything higher will register with you.

Life is a stage, but we are responsible for laying the groundwork for its perfection. The more beautiful our groundwork the more perfect is the output of our minds and the more perfect our lives. The more we reduce our negativity the higher we can function – and this circles back to feelings.

When you feel free, joyous, blessed, emancipated – that is when those type of thoughts will be present for you. Gems of perfection aren’t found in burned out rubble heaps. If you find yourself burdened with problems, work on ridding yourself of them – first. All of them. Nothing higher will avail itself to you without doing this. ONE worry can spoil the whole batch.

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  1. As I enter this new decade and new year I am so aware of how our thoughts effect our feelings and visa versa. How our thoughts and feelings can effect our health and we’ll being. Aware of how even if we think some ‘one thing’ is not bothering us…and we’ve put that one thought on a shelf and closed the door…that one little thought can infiltrate our precious system(spoil the whole apple cart so to speak.) Several months ago I received a letter from my doctor saying my mammogram had come back with some anomoilies that need further investigating. Never having any thing like this happen before I chucked it off as…no worries…I’ll go and have the prescribed procedure and it will be over…end of story. What I hadn’t planned on was that hiding that unacknowledged concern(one of woman’s greatest fears, breast cancer) would hide out in my subconscious and turn into a cough, cold, congestion. Congested thought…congested feeling…confused..conflicted. Do I acknowledge what is happening…do I have this checked out or ignore it.
    I am making the choice to have it checked out…that feels right to me…I’ve consulted my guidance, The Infinite and all is clear ahead…yes…a clear head…no more congestion, conflict, confusion…my thoughts and feelings in alignment…and I am grateful!
    All is well…
    A most blessed and radiant light filled New Decade ahead to all!
    Clear 20/20 Vision Ahead for everyone!
    Thanks Kumi!!!


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