All the World’s

A common question is the one that goes, ‘How do I handle being around my cousin Ralph? He drives me crazy every time we have to be near each other. Of course you may substitute the name of your nemesis here and your personal feelings.

Daily, we all experience a wide variety of circumstances. Some are good, but focus on the annoying ones for now. How about the one where cousin Ralph sequesters you in the hallway and fires a few of his argumentative daggers right at you.

Let’s pause right here. His last stinging comment has more vitriol than most. It hurts! And now the stage is yours, literally. For most, there is no other possibility than a caustic debate ensuing. Don’t worry, the ‘pause’ is still intact.

This episode is happening on a stage, but this is YOUR stage. It is not one which has predetermined actions built into it. It is YOUR stage. You are the producer and director. What happens next in this scene is entirely up to you – and there are myriad choices from which you can choose.

Perhaps the best, considering cousin Ralph’s penchant for debate, is total avoidance. You mentally arrange your new script and say, ‘Oh, Hi Ralph. Nice to see you again. I was just on my way to the ladies room. Could we discuss this later?’ And then leave, knowing ‘later’ will never come. And if it does use the exact same avoidance method with a new reason for being unable to talk at that time.

Hit the ‘play’ button and smile. Yes! This is YOUR stage. You can modify your script at any time. This is also YOUR life. It does not have to reactionary, where every experience has to be addressed immediately with some preconceived answer that is stored as quick ammunition. It can be proactive, with you holding the reins and the ability to insert the highest rhetoric no matter what the situation.

If you want your life to be peaceful, serene, Infinite – ponder your scripts. Listen to what you say in all kinds of situations and if they aren’t what a peaceful, serene, Infinite person would say, hit the pause button often. Then, when you know your response or action is exactly what it should be, declare it. Exalt in the Perfection.

This is YOUR stage, this is YOUR life. You have a role to play. Don’t ACT it,

BE it.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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