‘Synchronic’ is a beautiful word which means phenomena that is happening at the present moment with no influence from the things in history.

In Italy, at least at one spot, there exists a ‘synchronic taxi’ spot where if you need a ride you go there and someone will come along and give you that ride. It functions automatically with no assistance from anything other than people’s belief in it.

What a remarkable example of presence, cooperation, love, sharing, hope and the Infinite. The Infinite is mentioned as the matrix in which this possibility takes place and the depth (or height, really) to which this matrix can go. And this may just be the first step to the heights of the inherent possibilities.

If you take a quick quantum leap and envision all the inhabitants of the earth sharing this phenomenon, what then?

I’ll leave that pleasant ride of personal contemplation to each of you and close with this thought;

Is it our responsibility, in any way, to further the dissemination of that concept?

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Liaison to the Infinite.

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  1. The MAGIC of life lies in each present moment.
    Each moment filled with potential and possibility.
    The idea of letting go of the past…letting the future be what it will be is powerful stuff.
    With no expectations there are no disappointments, no judgements only delightful surprises.
    I treasure each precious moment with you and am grateful❤


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