Seemingly Insignificant . . .

That seemingly insignificant happening a year or so ago – remember it?

Sure you do. It sneaks back into your mind periodically and when it does the questions begin again; Why was I treated so unfairly? Why am I being treated so unfairly? And a host of other queries that cause worry and concern.

Insignificant? It was back when it happened. But now it has taken over a portion of your life. How many hours do you guess have you spent on that that one topic?

Perhaps it has grown and evolved into a very unpleasant topic, one that you try to avoid by another drink, or smoke, or pill. And the method of choice for avoidance has now become a part of your life.

Surprise! That ‘insignificance’ has become a dominant factor. More powerful than a locomotive, able to leap up, lasso, and bring down the best of lives.

Please. Consider. Tackle this thing, but avoid bringing yourself down in any way. Conquer, by improving yourself – not by jeopardizing your health or mind in any way. Rebel, but be pure and courageous about. Elevate yourself in the process. Learn from it, embrace it, and – win.

To sacrifice your health for any other kind of happiness – is THE greatest folly.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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