Another Path

Every page in a book and every situation in a video are representations of someone else’s life. Tales where we learn of other’s misfortunes and fortunes, misery and elation, trials and supreme victories.

Does ‘following in someone else’s footprints’ equate to ‘Life’?

In your résumé, is it OK if you say, ‘Last year I followed and tried to emulate ten peoples’ lives?

Are we satisfied if our lives are nothing but stories about others?

Your wondrous tale is ready to be lived, ready to be cherished, ready to be fully appreciated.

Don’t start by turning to others for direction. Their path could be totally different than your own.

In total peace; listen – for your song, taste – your sweetness, feel – your excitement, see – your dream.

Don’t be satisfied with stories, let your heart find your path.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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  1. Create a ‘magenta’ brick road and follow that for awhile…see where IT takes you💜


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