The Idea(s) from the Past

Maybe not this bad. Maybe worse.

Always there, dominating the present.

Consider the freedom that is lost if this ogre resides with you 24/7.

To attain anything higher we must dispense with taking sides, determining right and wrong or arguing over mere words. Our purpose is to understand.

When we look, we want to see clearly. When we think and dream we don’t want an ogre around. Nor do we want a self-created image of how we think we are and how we think things should be.

If most of your sentences start with the word ‘I’, it may be that you are in constant fear of the ogre. With almost every thought you have to claim your position above the ogre so you don’t get stepped on again.

From this vantage point it is easy to see how freedom is restricted.

The Infinite is not a challenge you win by toppling ogres. It is not a contest to determine how much you can learn, how many articles you can read or how well you can meditate to achieve a goal.

It’s not just about letting go of the reins . . . but getting off the horse and allowing it its freedom also.

Ogres are not limited to one. You could be sustaining many.

Maybe, just maybe, you and your ogre(s) don’t know the way to perfection. If your efforts have been ‘good enough’ and your contentment level is 100%, congratulations.

If not, give the idea of ‘determining future directions for your life over to an infallible perfection’ a few moments to percolate in your mind.

No more ogres. No more illusions. No more lies.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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