Experiencing the Infinite in a Voiceless Realm

First, there has to be an interest in the Infinite, in things elevated. Maybe it comes as the desire for something more, something higher, something yet unknown. Or, maybe you are at a crossroads and you’re tired of the same worldly thoughts that have taken over your life.

Second, is the idea of giving up on yourself to accomplish this. It is the suspension of worldly reasoning – of any kind – and trusting that what will be coming to replace that human reasoning will be worth it.

Thirdly, it is understanding that you will no longer be in 1st place. You will not be making any more decisions but you’ll turn that completely over to the Infinite. Pauses and silence rule. A question pops up, any question; ‘What to eat for lunch?’ A pause, silence, as you listen for instructions and direction – not from yourself – but from the Infinite.

Fourthly, your wonderment begins to focus on who you really are. Perhaps love, or sharing, or perfection is an idea that most resonates with you. You ruminate with that idea in the Infinite. Ideas of ‘sharing’ in completely novel ways – never before even imagined by you – come as most subtle insights. Insights so perfect they make you cry.

Fifthly, the quality of the answers that you get will be so ridiculously higher than those you have ever received that you will allow the Infinite to take over your life. Your trust in it will become so certain that you’ll allow it to be responsible for every step you take, every word you utter, every direction you choose.

The tricky part in all of this is that you do nothing. You are rewarded by the extent you don’t get involved in the process. We become like an empty conduit connecting the Infinite to our life. The Magic comes from it being effortless. So effortless that our life becomes the Infinite. You have nothing of any worth to add, so don’t try.

In like manner, I have nothing to add of any value. I know nothing. I stand behind nothing. I attest to nothing. I know nothing. Is the above true? No idea. But its value to me makes it seem miraculous.

Is this Infinite for everyone? No idea. Is it for anyone else? No idea. I press the keys on this iPad and the letters appear, but I don’t write this stuff. It is merely what I am led to do.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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