The Door That Shouldn’t Be There

Is it the one in Grandma’s house, behind all those stacked boxes under the steps leading down to the too-dark basement? Or is it the one at the back of your mind, off that too-dark corridor that you’ve only visited twice because it was so hard to find?

Strange, isn’t it – squinting at darkness – wondering about the isolated little station that might be awaiting you after you derail?

We’ve argued so strenuously for our limitations . . . just so what’s on the other side of that door will never be seen.

All life’s a stage. Is ‘what’s behind that door’ still included?

Interesting it is how ‘daily routines’ never include trips to that door. What is ‘your’ adjective as to why that is? Too; scary, intimidating, apt to require change?

‘Untraveled territory’ – usually a desirable thing. Free admission. It’s something you own, something you have the rights to – and yet – it sits undisturbed, perhaps forever.

Ever had the sense of ‘something lost’?

All the love you could possibly find might be right on the other side of a turned doorknob.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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