A Slice of Conversation

Two people come together in person or over the phone to discuss some concern important to both of them. The rhetoric bounces back and forth as would be expected, but almost always the ‘way’ the discussion progresses is identical to ‘dealing off the top of the deck.’

One person starts by maybe readdressing the problem. The other responds by grabbing the first impulse in his or her mind and sharing that. That method is duplicated by the other and the argument ensues.

If the parties have talked before, the same comments will be heard over and over again. Comments of no real worth because they are ones that have merely been memorized from constant use. They are used for one reason, they need no thought to be produced. It gets the person over the hump and on to the next sentence in the least painful way – with no effort.

Many folks in this place and time are talking about a better future, a change, an elevation or emancipation. Can that happen if every word that comes out of our mouth’s is nothing but repetition?

If all we are willing to do while talking is to sit next to our stack of personal witticisms and recite the one on the top, nothing better can ever be expected.

What if people considered the concept of pausing and thinking before speaking, they understood it and became dissatisfied with what they had been doing? What might happen if people began to pause in conversations to consider other possibilities or new strategies of a higher strain?

As an ancillary benefit, we would understand people better if they shared the highest thoughts from their hearts rather than the well-worn dribble from a stack of their outdated idea cards.

A slice of conversation like this would have to come from a pie on a much higher shelf.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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