The Vertigo of Unfamiliarity

Chapter One

[ ]

The End.

Birth, death. Spread the brackets apart and all you have is a less dense perfect vacuum. The brackets signify everything. Birth, death. Front cover, back cover. Each of us separates them with our own chapters of nothingness. Page after perfectly numbered page. Parentheses within brackets. Quantities to the nth power. All equaling zero.

Inception, open bracket. Death, close bracket. Open this book, open bracket. Close this book, the dynamism continues on. Try to forget these words and the energy builds. There is no second bracket after you have read this far. Take your last breath on this plateau. We’ll now capsize headfirst into a lake of pandemonium, and crack our skulls open as we hit our heads on the bottom of the pool of incomprehensibility.

Unimaginable . . Can you sense it? Listen to the magnitude. See the blood-curdling tension. Explore the heartbeat of your circumstances. Let the nectar of your mind sit in your mouth until it detonates your voice. Then scream before the opportunity is taken away forever.

Oh, if we had to force ourselves into existence and lay ourselves open to the unoffending insensitivity of the cosmos.

Exercise or Exorcise?

For those of us over fifty, consider . . .

We are conditioned since birth that more is good. More knowledge is great. So, if we find the right solution, we’ll be ahead – closer to the win. So, we exercise and play with our ‘knowns’. We use them as answers to questions and to facilitate our thinking.

Could some or all of those knowns be wrong? Could they?

Under fifty, we are usually a sponge for knowledge, adding all we can each day. The other option, of course, is to drop something everyday from our minds. Is it not possible that these thoughts and beliefs we have accumulated are nothing but false perceptions that we use over and over each day?

What about an exorcism? Wiping the blackboard and slowly eliminating the untrue and creating free space into which the mind can expand? Can you conceive of something more beautiful and liberating? Unbiased thinking! Absolute freedom to view anything from any perspective.

Find that trash can that is open and empty. Start slowly with just one belief. Throw it in there. Let the lid slam shut. Walk away. Feel the way you now want to float. There’ll be another can right around the next bend. Listen for directions.

Then, float again.

A World We’ll Never Know

Fascinating it would be to get a glimpse of who we would be and what we would believe if, while growing up, we weren’t immersed in the matrix of teachers, parents, friends, books and all other sources of information. Can you even imagine how removed we are from that pristine version of ourselves?

‘He who acts in contradiction to his beliefs’ is a definition of hypocrisy, and let’s call the self who grew up with no influences our ‘purer’ self. The disparity of who we are now compared to our purer self may be staggering. Consider your own level of hypocrisy.

Religions exist because of hypocrisy.

And, perhaps there is a kinship between us and our purer self. Just maybe, that person from this ‘world we’ll never know’ is who we really are but we can’t even recognize our true selves because of all the information that has been inflicted on us.

Who wants to be admired for what he pretends to be?

Seemingly Insignificant . . .

That seemingly insignificant happening a year or so ago – remember it?

Sure you do. It sneaks back into your mind periodically and when it does the questions begin again; Why was I treated so unfairly? Why am I being treated so unfairly? And a host of other queries that cause worry and concern.

Insignificant? It was back when it happened. But now it has taken over a portion of your life. How many hours do you guess have you spent on that that one topic?

Perhaps it has grown and evolved into a very unpleasant topic, one that you try to avoid by another drink, or smoke, or pill. And the method of choice for avoidance has now become a part of your life.

Surprise! That ‘insignificance’ has become a dominant factor. More powerful than a locomotive, able to leap up, lasso, and bring down the best of lives.

Please. Consider. Tackle this thing, but avoid bringing yourself down in any way. Conquer, by improving yourself – not by jeopardizing your health or mind in any way. Rebel, but be pure and courageous about. Elevate yourself in the process. Learn from it, embrace it, and – win.

To sacrifice your health for any other kind of happiness – is THE greatest folly.


‘Synchronic’ is a beautiful word which means phenomena that is happening at the present moment with no influence from the things in history.

In Italy, at least at one spot, there exists a ‘synchronic taxi’ spot where if you need a ride you go there and someone will come along and give you that ride. It functions automatically with no assistance from anything other than people’s belief in it.

What a remarkable example of presence, cooperation, love, sharing, hope and the Infinite. The Infinite is mentioned as the matrix in which this possibility takes place and the depth (or height, really) to which this matrix can go. And this may just be the first step to the heights of the inherent possibilities.

If you take a quick quantum leap and envision all the inhabitants of the earth sharing this phenomenon, what then?

I’ll leave that pleasant ride of personal contemplation to each of you and close with this thought;

Is it our responsibility, in any way, to further the dissemination of that concept?

0 to 0

The answer to this uncertainty we have about life may not be about the ‘game’ at all. It could be simply a matter of whether we keep score or not.

At almost every juncture we are in some way trying to make each decision profitable for ourselves. Whether it be for money, novelty or whatever, it always comes down to our standing – how high or low we are on the spectrum.

What would happen if the ‘score’ ceased to matter? We’d never be disappointed or feel slighted. We’d try everything because the outcome was inconsequential.

Chasms were just mentioned yesterday. Perhaps forgetting the score is the greatest chasm closer to freedom there is.

Putting Reality on Hold

We all want to get away – put a schism or fissure between us and reality in an effort to what – get more acquainted with ourselves?

So many years steering the same boat. The captain’s chair is worn. And with so few destinations! Back and forth, usually. Just back and forth.

We try to augment the trips with personalities, and that helps a bit, but all too soon we realize these bandages only cover the underlying void for that elusive ultimate newness.

Each day we gloss over this concern and even if it becomes important- again – we pretend it’s not important even though, deep down, we know that coming in contact with anything that even resembled an ‘answer’ could be life changing.

So, we conjure, contemplating past anythings from personal experiences from books, dreams, movies, etc. And by doing that, by imposing our thoughts and our views of how life ‘should be’ we preclude the Magic from appearing. Because we ‘conjure’ – we inhibit – the surreal.

P.S. No offerings for a week – it’s cruise time.

On Deck Batter

Peeking out through the guardrail around my bed this morning, there was the same mental ball field with that agile, but pesky, shortstop wielding his golden glove.

Try as I may to hit a couple over the fence before arising, what was produced were a few dribblers that were gobbled up immediately and thrown out at first base.

Tried different bats, new batting stances, even new shoes. Still, just dribblers.

‘There’s a base hit into the gap.’ Oh, those words bring such joy. ‘It’s a line-drive off the center field wall!’ Think about it. There’s clapping, high-fiving, joy and team spirit. Everyone is elevated.

We, also, can generate that team spirit. If one of these morning paragraphs elicits a desire in you to comment, PLEASE jot it down in the ‘reply’ window. I’ll assure everyone will see it, we all can add to it, and we can say goodbye to the shortstop.

‘It’s going, going, gone!’

Bring it on.


Purely for example’s sake, let’s take the question, ‘Is there a God?’ A question that apparently has no proven answer.

When asked, nearly everyone will reply in the same manner as they have done before. God has been an ‘implant’ into our psyche since we were children. The implant (not just God, but all implants) becomes an unquestioned – and usually unquestionable – part of who we are. They remain hidden in a deep recess of our mind, locked, with an abstruse combination and for the most part it is just too inconvenient to address them in any way.

For a moment, let’s assume they are accessible and they are easily dismissed, forgotten. We then reflect on the question, ‘Is there a God?’ And perhaps for the first time we look deep into this important query – by ourselves. This time we don’t arrive at an answer by quoting what someone else has said. We cease to be actors with a memorized script and actually dig into the multi-faceted question, relying only on our own reasoning.

Few do this, about anything.

I can not imagine a more pleasant, interesting and revelatory time discussing any subject with a friend where all answers emanate from the heart and not someone else’s teachings.