The Dignity of the Infinite

The honor that one person conveys to another by the absence of words.

The desire for the preservation of silence toward another.

A reverence for the deepest respect one person can bestow on another.

The dignity of allowing another person the time and space to experience the sanctity of pure wisdom as given to them of their own accord, and not random, biased inputs from someone else’s memory.

The deepest dignity is discovered alone. Free from the well-being offered by others. Free from all the crutches from which a person must confess. Free from every microscopic speck that may arise in you as a threat to perfect freedom.

A time of the highest humility. A humbleness where the person ceases to matter.

This nobility, is not earned. Adding additional hours to your reverie does not add to the possibility of discovery. Capture the serenity in which the girl is immersed. It is not about desire, not about something earned, not about attraction.

It’s really about her identifying anything that may still be in the way of her . . . dignity of the Infinite.

Looking for What is Not There

It’s more about what isn’t there . . .

No hooks to lure you in one direction. No one spot that beckons above all the others. No thing that wins your attention.

A blanket of softness, suggesting you have discovered a venue of merit.

A field of perfection in which no time is wasted.

It is not a field of expectation but a field to welcome splendor.

A field to experience the benefits of nothingness.

It’s All a Joke

The Infinite. Magic. Bliss. Out beyond the idea of right doing and wrong doing there’s some magical field. Come on, now! The steps are unsecured. The structure is unsafe. It’s but a dream.

Take ‘imagination’. What an amazing attribute we had when we were kids. Fantasies in an instant just by shutting our eyes. No one even mentions imagination anymore except to imagine how terrible something might be in the future.

It’s all a lie, folks. There is no life full of bliss. Nothing is ever heightened by an action we might try. There is nothing special to attain. There are no elevated areas of freedom. You go out to eat or you stay home. Common sense rules. I don’t believe I know of one friend who would actually commit to putting aside ALL of their beliefs for even a few seconds to experience something different . . . to take a chance there might be something on a grander scale.

I apologize. 1,000 attempts at trying to illuminate something higher but no takers. My fault. Sorry. It’s all a joke.

It’s all . . .

a joke.

The Well Seems To Be Dry

Quite an interesting morning. Usually I wake up with a subject for the blog and just let the particulars fill in and then hit ‘publish’.

Not today. Even after all the well-used tricks, nothing good enough seems available to share.

Interestingly, this is the 1,000th blog! Maybe my desire to convey has literally dried up.

I turn to you for help. If you have any comments you would like to share, please pass them along. Maybe specific topics?

I’d be honored with any suggestions you might share.

Thank you.

Wrong Turns

Maybe we take a wrong turn. Or, hold two opposing views in our mind at the same time. Or, give up relying on our expected ways of addressing a situation. Strange situations can be powerful.

You hear a song with the title ‘Snowfall’ and you use that word to paint a mental picture of an area with an untainted white blanket. And you begin wondering where your first tracks will take you. In what direction will you go? Will you return home?

At the end of the day you know you will be able to look outside and with a quick observation view your past itinerary.

That little antique store across the way, will your footsteps connect to it today? That elder friend, just a few houses down your road, will she be visited?

Your future is not set in stone, and many intersections will be in your path offering a multitude of possibilities.

Dream a little. In your deepest contentment, allow the Infinite to touch your heart and choose something new for you; a new perspective, a new way of thinking, a new direction on a new path.

The highest treasures are the ones that are unexpected.

. . . . .

So sorry for the blog’s downtime last week. A sabbatical was needed and this little charmer beckoned.

A Different Word

The Infinite. Nothing but a different idea accompanied with higher thoughts.

Changing a story is simple . . . take out a person and put in a fish. Take out suffocation and put in frolicking. Take out negativity and use laughter instead.

You’re writing your story; one thought at a time.

Got a best-seller on the way? Or, a recollection of varying pitfalls and heartbreaks?

One word can completely change the whole meaning of life. When ‘can’t’ goes to ‘can’, when ‘mediocre’ goes to ‘perfect’, when ‘limited’ is now ‘unlimited’.

One word. One idea. One thought that is higher than another is all it takes.

How often do you think about things that are negative? How often do you talk about things that are negative? How often are you immersed in things that are negative? Does ‘negativity’ have a starring role in your story?

‘Negativity doesn’t – and will never have – a place in my story’.

Start your new story today. Begin with the sentence above.

Awaiting Your Entrance

But, things may be different inside. The stronger your reliance on some thing, the more that thing will be changed.

Those ‘facts’ that you ‘know’ are the very building blocks of your existence – will be shattered.

Your reliance on the ordinary, those things that are prone to repetition, will fade away and be replaced by insights so provocative they will make you tremble with excitement.

The possibilities are always there, but you must enter. There is no charge for the admission ticket, but even with the slightest figment of wonder the curtain hiding the Infinite can be ripped down and a new way of thinking – about everything – can be born.

That ‘opening’ in the photo above can appear in many forms; an inspiration whose time for fruition has come, something out of place, a missed plane, a part of your mind which over the years has become so sensitive a cup of coffee can deliver the epiphany.

It’s a surrender with no white flag. A surrender with no words that convey ‘I give up’. It’s a surrender only possible when you have absolutely NO interest in making the next move. As if ‘surrender’ will be accomplished for you.

Unfortunately, for many individuals, they have said ‘No’ to the experience so many times before there is no possibility of them EVER giving up control of anything in their life.

To them I offer this . . . watch a cat, admire a sunset, empathize with a bird soaring above the clouds, notice a person walking out of a prison door after it has been locked for decades.

Then; be that free person, be that bird, be that sunset . . .

be that cat.