Unceasingly, our mind keeps reminding us of the past. We never hear echoes from the future.

We allow ourselves to be trapped in this web of conformity that our mind provides for us – continually.

The key to any advancement in the Infinite realm starts with G.R.O.P.E. – getting rid of past events.

Quietness, peace, harmony, meditation – it’s all about finding ways to make the past disappear. All of it. This thing called ‘enlightenment’ is not an acquisition. It is an unveiling. An act for which we have NO experience nor any apparatus to help.

Nothing is hidden under a rock to be found by serendipity. There is no capturing or discovery. It is the total disregard of your human qualities that matter. TOTAL DISREGARD of HUMAN QUALITIES.

Get rid of past events. Leave EVERYTHING behind. An unlimited Infinite playground is possible – if and only if – you make no effort to achieve it.

What awaits you is a freedom you never knew existed. A freedom that captures your TRUE Infinite identity and uses that divine presence to navigate you through life . . .

if you will allow it to do so.

Another Storm

If you are often looking for lighthouses, chances are you spend too much time in areas where storms are prevalent.

Lighthouses don’t go up and down coastlines searching for vessels to warn; they just stand there shining.”

Perhaps you can be your own lighthouse . . .

Inside of building a ship inside of your bottle, build a lighthouse.

Then, take your lighthouse with you, wherever you go.

A Place Where There Are No Limits

At some time, you have checked off things in your mind that you will never have; the jet, the mansion, the Rolls . . .

Why did you check them off? Why?

If your name was Rockefeller you wouldn’t have done that. Those things would have been ‘givens’ in your life.

Somewhere we learned what we could and couldn’t do and have. The causes come in many flavors, each snipping off possibilities from different branches.

Is there a remedy? Is there something we can do to counteract this dilemma? Is there something we can do that would enable ALL possibilities to appear in our thinking and not just those which are left after the whittling process?

Yes. Your mind can do it. In stillness you can start removing the barriers, start filling in your so-called deficiencies, start conceiving life from a pure perspective which doesn’t contain tethers and obstacles.

Like sitting in a stadium with a retractable roof. Push the button, allow the roof to open. More and more possibilities are revealed. Allow that matrix to BE your matrix. Get comfortable there.

It may take a while because you have allowed piles of unregulated garbage to fill your mind. We all have.

Softly, if this resonates with you, just ask yourself to envision a life that has NO restrictions. NONE. If this feels unnatural to you in any way, forget about it. The time is not right.

But if you’re saddled up and ready to go, bring the word ‘freedom’ to mind. Now, experiment and find all those restrictions you have allowed to restrain you, in any way. Release them. Softly. Release them. Feel the gravity let go. Sense relief. Sense purity. Make that ‘freedom’ pure.

If you don’t begin to float, do it again. Feet on a luxurious pillow. Maybe perfect ambient music. Whatever is perfect for you.

No Limits – let it become your reality.

Relaxed Continuity

Years ago, you weren’t. Nothing. A blank. Then, instantly, you are given the rank of human. And years from now, you will return. Demoted? to a blank again.

You will have spent time as a human in; sequences, uncertainty, schedules and intervals. Time matters here. Every second gets counted and we all have only a limited supply of them.

Perhaps there is an area somewhere that is immune from consumption. A neverness of ‘no time’. A place where if you entered it on your tenth birthday and stayed for fifty years, you’d leave on your tenth birthday. A half-time for the Infinite.

Also, if ‘no time’ is possible, is a field where the counting is haphazard possible? A ‘sometime’ area sectioned off where the seconds would only be counted if you were angry or if you were doing something you knew was questionable.

We linger in our ‘nowness’. We’d settle for a poor imitation of time. One where we could insert a pair of parentheses: go on leave, get a staycation, go AWOL, or just be absent.

Maybe we’ll get a surprise ending where we’ll attain a temporary address over in ‘no time’. Would that really be freedom?

Dusk is here. Dawn, a few hours away.

What about the curfew? Is it still in effect? For you?

Put Another Log on the Fire?

The fire was starving. No nourishment was available, no restaurant nearby. Not even a menu.

Odd looking remnants of cremated wood were left smoldering. How does that make you feel?

Smoking pieces, that with the right lighting, background and perspective, could be living art.

A hidden log was discovered that was not meant to be found. It wanted suicide. It had a right to die in its own way. How personal is death?

A self, funeral pyre – without the fire.

No more sparks. No more burning. No more combustion. No more dental records.

Glowing lips. Radiance. Enough ash.

A higher flashpoint. Less destruction. Visual Magic.

Summon the Infinite firefighters.