Dragging Anchor

What is your anchor? Is it what you have accumulated from the past?

On great days your boat moves more quickly, the anchor rises and doesn’t catch on many irregularities. Play and productivity ensues.

But on regular days it snags every problem, unannounced. First the jolt, then another detour. Play and productivity stop. All thought is focused on the negative and how to free yourself from it. One rope, one anchor, many impediments. Each impediment putting the life of your voyage on hold.

Each problem continues to cement us to the negative as long as it is alive and in our life. Further conversation that day is pulled down into the quagmire of the negative.

It is possible to circumvent this behavior; sever your attachment to the anchor. Stay at least at water level if not miles above it.

Quit using the things which are below you as your starting point. Begin new conversations and discussions in the only thing which is above us, namely the Infinite.

Don’t allow yourself to drown. Forget your anchor. Grab a life preserver. Stay afloat. Tie it on tightly so it never lets you fall below the surface.

To Ensure Ultimate Behavior

We’re confronted with all types of ideas. Some good, some not.

Without adult supervision there is no telling what concoction you will amass, and that concoction will end up being in charge of your life.

In order to protect yourself so that those not-so-perfect thoughts never inhabit your mind, you need a self-chaperone. Someone (yourself) to watch over what is going on but not being an active participant . . . very similar to looking after children at a party. Not eliminating fun but assuring that the fun present, is at the most rewarding level.

If you have recurring negatives of any kind in your life, now is the time to put on your chaperone’s hat. Be tough. Don’t just ‘ask’ those unwanted ideas to leave – mandate their exit. Starve them out. Discontinue association with them.

Then, allow thoughts of higher and higher perfection to fill those gaps.

That’s the process of sublimation. Replacing the inferior with the superior.

* All the best to Everyone! A short vacation is approaching quickly.

Perfect Awkwardness

Setting: Inside a small, quaint restaurant, Minneapolis, winter afternoon.

Girlfriend and I had been cuddled around two coffee drinks for hours. Abruptly, her mother stormed through the door, grabbed her daughter by the arm and escorted her outside.

At that moment, at the peak of excitement and astonishment, a thought came drifting by that said, ‘I got this’. Not that I personally ’got this’, but that the situation would be taken care of by another entity that would handle the situation.

Our waiter tapped me on the shoulder and apologized for his inattentiveness. He said the bill had been taken care of and offered two additional drinks to-go.

As I arose, through the glass door, I could see an irate mother yelling at her beautiful daughter who was crouched down and crying. The process of ‘I got this’ (the real Magic) began. Not because I asked for it or was in any way responsible for its arrival.

And there was an associated feeling right then that went something like this . . . I was so far above everything, that I knew I had no place there. I was out of my element, my world. I had no words to share. No actions that were worthy. I was about to experience a role that I never knew existed.

With the two hot drinks in hand I pushed open the front door. One was handed to her mother, the other to my girlfriend. I was so far above worldly matters that the frigid cold meant nothing. I realized that the awkwardness of the situation was the Magic stage. Time stopped.

I had no words to say, but words came out of my mouth. Rich, soothing words that comforted like a favorite blanket. Somehow I was in the clouds and standing right next to both of them at the same time, as some kind of medium through which perfection flowed. Personally, I had no involvement in the scene whatsoever.

A floating masterpiece. A surreal conduit. An example and acknowledgment of Infinite possibilities. There was no happening. Nothing took place. It was a dream-mystery.

But a statement was made, maybe more than one. Unheard, unobserved, remarkably subtle . . . but understood.

The ice crunched under our feet as we turned to leave.

Bringing It To Life

Our minds continually play with thoughts, even while sleeping.

We can never cease creating forms of some sort by our mental activity, thinking life into them. We cannot sit still and produce nothing: our mental machinery keeps on turning out work of some sort, and it rests with us to determine of what sort it shall be.

Suggestions are powerful and so plentiful. Many T.V. ads will tell us about myriad problems we might have. If there are any connections in our mind with any of these concerns, the raw materials are then present for the birth of something unwelcome.

We can create forms of death, sickness, sorrow, trouble, and limitation of all sorts, and then think life into these forms. However non-existent these forms were to us, they can become realities and cause a new breed of grief . . . because now, there is a new caustic life – living in us.

All those thoughts which race around in our heads are natural. But, some are far from pure, far from what you want for your life.

If you desire more perfection . . . don’t associate with negativity. I can only imagine how better off everyone would be if we weren’t subjected to negative commercials about our health and well-being.

I can only suggest to rise above all the negative pitfalls by newly conceived, lofty decisions, and then to cement those decisions into your mind and think life into them.

Claim your place above all that grief you have finally left to die.

Protect that place.

Are You Sure?

Whatever we join, we must protect. Whether it be a small personal club, Rotary, Kiwanis, a political party, a religion . . . there is created some unspoken allegiance to it that we must uphold.

Whatever we join, we must protect. We fly its flag, enshrine its writings, follow its rules. As an example, let’s use ‘religion’.

As soon as we join, things change within us. When there is any question, we side with that religion. In other words, our minds are already made up as to what is right or wrong in all questions about it.

Instead of being free to examine all the information available and make up our own minds when a question appears, that process – that freedom – is eliminated. The idea of . . . discovering a different answer, or a better or best solution – is just not permissible.

No longer is the possibility of a hidden shore being found where openness and acceptance are not only welcomed, but encouraged.

In any other venture people want freedom of choice. Freedom to roam, to discover, to try new things, to listen for new possibilities.

Why do we choose any venue and protect it? Why is this practice of isolation to specific beliefs so appealing to so many? It explains why there are different branches of religion on nearly every corner of a city.

Instead of a flag of allegiance, why can’t we fly a flag of Freedom, a flag of openness, a flag of uncertainty?

Is it because . . . no one can accept being uncertain?


There are many entities to which we can submit. ‘Authority’ figures are all around us. A person, group, nation . . . take your pick.

All we have to do is choose one (or many) to our liking, accept the collective ‘truths’ associated with that choice and become a part of – or identified with – that selection.

Then, all that is left, is to begin finding the meaning of your life while immersed in the thoughts of other people’s teachings.

Can you hope to find the precious meaning of your life . . .

through obedience . . . to others?