Your Personal Spark of Madness

A brightness all its own. A distinct shape. Kind of a secret you carry around hidden from view, isn’t it?

Been there, well, forever it seems. One of the few things that you ‘own’ that wasn’t learned or forced upon you. More like a ‘persuasion’ than a rigid fact. Similar to a subtle nerve center that very rarely gets visited, if at all.

It lies waiting, perhaps dormant, but always on call.

Call it the Provider. In troubled times it gets bombarded with our questions of ‘Why?’ But unless we are quiet enough its answers are never heard.

The spark also plays a huge role at the other end of the spectrum when elation and Bliss are present. If unbounded during those times, true Magic is available if we are open to it and listen.

During those special moments you don’t find what you want . . .

you find who you are.

What Really Matters?

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‘What you dwell on.’ Is that what really matters?

Or, maybe; Money? Skills? Your work ethic? What you believe in? Excitement? Novelty? Family? Friends? Accomplishments? The amount of love you feel? Your sophistication? Giving? Receiving?

And, ‘what really matters to you’ . . . will it be the same this evening, tomorrow, next year?

The word ‘really’ is used here not as just a useless adverb, but as an intensifier. Not ‘what matters?’ but ‘what REALLY matters?’ Of all the things that could matter, which one is absolutely the most important?

Maybe the question has no value, but maybe it is the best question ever asked. We claim knowledge of some ‘thing’ and shortly thereafter our ‘knowledge’ of it changes. Its importance changes.

Perhaps the answer may be ‘silence’ or a ‘tree’. (Try pondering the qualities of a tree sometime.)

What really matters? A hauntingly beautiful question.

I’m pretty sure there is only one version of it.


A step not quite where you wanted it to go. An oh so subtle strange thought about an unknown feeling. A disorientation. A house with no walls but with a lone staircase to nowhere.

A new place where the rules are different. Footsteps but no movement. Thought but no words. A venue that is diametrically different but where there are no words to even start an explanation.

A void. A personal void. Encased in a delicate meaning with no clues.

A void that is unique with seemingly no value but one that offers a change, a new perspective, a new order, Not suitable for everyone, just those that are truly ready for an entirely new playground.

A field that needs new gardeners. New-found tillers that are open to alternative ways and forms of growth.

A void, of no rules whatsoever. A void . . .

of silent fireworks.


“I’ve chosen this nice green and orange springtime veil this morning. Casual, yet alluring, with a hint of playfulness. Let’s see what others are wearing.” Each of us in our own little box, selecting our own best guess for appropriateness for March 11, 2023.

We walk outside and create another eclectic personal array of veiled relationships. One mask saying ‘Hi’ to another mask, pseudo-connected with our well-formed list of words suitable for a Saturday morning.

Lies within lies, hidden behind masks within veils . . . all desiring to find ‘truth’.

This drapery of protection behind which we all live . . .

What would happen if that ‘curtain’ was suddenly raised?


Ullage is the amount a container lacks of being full. The space that is unfilled. The green-shaded area is the ullage here and let’s say that the glass represents your life.

So, what is the ullage in your life? What is it that should fill that emptiness?

Maybe; more money, more fun, friends, parties, food, drinks, drugs. Could it be another; trip, social gathering, or a book, or a movie. How about with the accent on quality . . . the best food, the best cruise, the most luxurious getaway?

This ‘ullage’ seems to come equipped with self-baiting hooks to expand your desires and to assure the boundaries of the glass never lose their tenacious grip on your mind. It is indeed a part of life, if not life itself, to many folks.

The crux of the Infinite, and this blog about the Infinite, rests on the following epiphany . . .

What if this whole idea of filling the ullage is not an answer, but the problem!?

What if the hidden secret is not to fill what we believe is lacking, but to empty what is already there, the ‘innage’! Empty the glass! A never- heard-of-before concept, correct?

All that we have amassed, built up, created, esteemed, believed in, cherished and elevated to unknown heights – we’re supposed to poke a hole in its container and let it ALL just drain out!?

That is why the Infinite has so few followers. Very few people can look at a glass almost full of their belongings, and an empty one next to it, and prefer the one with no contents. That means ‘starting over’ doesn’t it? Yes, it does. Abandoning everything, including limitations.

During everyone’s life they build up strategies, answers, shortcuts, methods, and dissimulations; ways of hiding true feelings.

Anyone for grabbing an erasure and going back to Kindergarten? A Kindergarten, yes, but one of Infinite possibilities. A playground where the concept of ‘ullage’ has no meaning, because nothing is lacking. A land of optimization and Perfection. A land of awe, unknowns, jaw-dropping realizations, wonderment, dreams, peace and visceral contentment.

A place of no confinement . . .

where there is no glass to be found.

Thoughts on a Picture

Naked. Bare essentials. Simpatico. Simplicity. Shadows I’d like to meet.

A moment – for reconciliation.

The obligatory glass of chilled white wine. Savoring the shapes of the reflections on the glass.

An imperceptible touch. The hint of a smile. A touch of rouge.

A creative, well-designed exit, with links to subtle memories.

Artistic sustenance. Confidential harvest.

Freedom . . . waiting.

Deep Potential

If it is bread that you seek, you will have bread. If it is the soul you seek, you will find the soul.

There is a goldmine within you. A voice that doesn’t use words. A miracle you can hold in your dreams, for there, it has no end.

When you find it, all of earth’s gifts you will lay aside . . .

as naturally as a child lays aside a doll.