Inventing a Life

Back when, we had no idea of what time was all about. But we were told, ‘Tomorrow is another day’. We’d see the second hand of our watch tick off seconds. And we established a ‘feeling’ of what time was.

‘Today’ – – – it’s past yesterday but before tomorrow. And with all other nouns, we learned what they were by inventing our conception of them by our experiences.

We have invented our entire lives. We’ve established what is good and bad. We’ve set boundaries regarding everything. Told ourselves how good we can feel and how bad we can feel. We’ve supplied immutable labels to everything we can see.

We’ve put together ‘answers’ for everything so we know who we are.

What is remarkable is what we tell ourselves if we ever wander off that well-worn path we have created for ourselves, called our life.

All of a sudden we don’t have any stored answers to guide ourselves because what we are dealing with is the Unknown so the customary reply to anything about the Unknown is that of indifference. ‘It takes time to ponder and I have no time so I’m out.’

But, by opting out, you’ve shunned an opportunity to re-invent your life.

The photo above shows a pensive child, apparently lost in thought. Can we not be as a child again? Can we not re-establish the definitions we have for everything, or better yet – leave everything without a definition?

Every sensation we experience is a result of our invention.

But much more valuable is the realization that every sensation we have, every feeling . . . can be Magic.

This Thing Called the Infinite

If you totally loved your Self, your Spirit . . .

accepted completely all of your triumphs and weaknesses . . .

then took that whole package and moved it up to an ascended realm . . .

where you’d disconnect it from memory.

There, you’d be accessing the Infinite, experiencing the Infinite.

As euphoric as that might seem to you, imagine sharing the Unknown simultaneously with another like-minded individual.

Hand in hand, walking together through complete Uncertainty.

Deepest Peace

That moment in your life when you experienced your deepest peace . . .

what was going on in your mind?

Can you recapture that elation in any form? Can you allow yourself to become fully immersed in that recollection?

Within your most peaceful moment most likely lies your answer to what your are seeking.

What caused that elevated peace within you?

If you can determine that . . .

you have just identified all you will ever need.

Your Internal World

Is it possible, for you, to create a ‘core of perfection’ within yourself? A venue of happiness and bliss consisting only of those things which are superlatives, for you.

If that is possible, could you then live your life centered in that ‘core’ – allowing fewer and fewer negative external factors to effect your world?

No Handles

Hang on. It has worked before, why change now?

But, there are answers she doesn’t have. Gripping harder won’t help. Asking more often has no benefit. Crying? – counter-productive.

That ‘grip’ used to mean security, safety, love and understanding. Now, all it brings is more uncertainty and less satisfaction.

What happens if I let go? Will I lose everything if I cease to grasp? There’ll be no safety net, just a giant unknown. How will I know where to go and what to do?

Realize that there are no handles.

Could it be time for a more elevated source?

Realize . . . that there are no handles.

The Reality You Have Chosen for Yourself

How often do you find yourself wallowing in negative emotions?

How often are you caught up in a loop of unpleasantries?

Do you ever feel as though you are on the highest rung of the ladder, toying with Bliss and happiness above every care?

This ‘reality’ – your reality – is YOUR creation. You are responsible for every thought that you have, every situation that you experience and what they ultimately mean to you.

Without self-intervention, there will never be a change to that status.