Suppose you have a concern about which you want suggestions.

What is fascinating is that the next step is almost always to add more people to the search; attach more individuals that will share their human, limited, reasoning.

The best any person can give you is their rendition of what will be the most helpful to you, strictly from their experiences.

Is the reason for this because people doubt their capacity to produce adequate results on their own? Bringing others in takes away the opportunity for a person to rely on himself, or herself, and achieve masterpieces, with the aid of the limitless Infinite.

Input from others can be invaluable, but for many it is the only way to address issues in their lives.

Yourself, accompanied by the Infinite, can achieve unlimited possibilities . . .

with no attachments.

Subtleties at Play

Hints. Whispers – you think you heard. A vision you thought you saw. A faint, unknown rustling. Something that in a strange way; beckons.

These seemingly trivial occurrences can be seeds that produce bountiful harvests.

Maybe it’s the bridge in the background. In a most mysterious way you receive the suggestion to sit on that bridge with your feet dangling over the edge.

Here is what may be the secret to all that is ineffable and elusive. It is what you do with that ‘suggestion’. Do you discard the hint and keep walking toward your destination, or do you change the priority of that hint and permit the Infinite to show itself by visiting the bridge?

There are two hidden strategies at play here. The first is the idea that by acknowledging this ‘voice’ you have demonstrated your desire to test, to try, to discern if this higher level actually exists and whether or not it has value. It also encourages more like circumstances to appear.

Secondly, and so much more profoundly, it explodes the idea in your mind with the question . . . ‘What might be discovered on that bridge when I’m sitting there with my legs dangling?’

What higher insight? What unimaginable feeling? Might it be a sensation – so unique it would alter your life to one you could never have formulated in your mind on your own?

That bridge is a nurturing place; where discoveries are found, where answers are shown, where exotic little exit ramps may finally be seen.

The Idea of You

The idea of ‘you’. Sure, it’s a sensible delusion – or copy. Maybe a couple of tangled disciplines, but certainly short of a charade. A comedy? Drama? A mask, covering your whole body?

Is it crazy? Crazy enough? Nobody knows that but you.

As we face any challenge, we already ‘know’ our capabilities. ‘No, I could never do that!’ or, ‘Nothing to it. I’ll have it done in an hour.’

What would happen if we threw sensibility out the window, along with doubt and all other limitations? Viewing all challenges as if we had done them a hundred times before.

If need be . . . going wrong, but going wrong in your own way – rather than right in someone else’s.

Sharing what we don’t know openly.

Summoning an building confidence in the unknown.

Welcoming change.

Bringing about thoughts and ideas that make you tingle with excitement.

What are the five reasons why your value will triple in the next week?

Here It Comes . . .

The last miles. Never to come again. Spent – how?

Going through town after town experiencing another person’s dream? Fishing at the same hole in the ice? Listening to comments from others as to how you should run your life?

You can easily be the same person when you reach the finish line. Same problems, same schedule, same scheme, same amount of bliss.

But just as easily you can say goodbye to the store and turn to yourself for your future. Forget about ‘resignation’ and bring into focus anonymous creative design.

Fill that void yourself and become more than you once were. More than you ever thought possible.

Enable . . . the light to come from you.

A Step Further

We hear something objectionable, maybe from a friend, the news, wherever. Sure, we can internalize it and let it dictate our mood for the next day, week or lifetime. Or, we can address it by itself and give it special treatment.

Those horrific news events that confront us almost daily . . . we can acknowledge them, but do we have to let them detract from our lives?

Taking this ‘A Step Further’, can we not lump everything we experience into a bowl labeled ‘Acknowledged’ and *then* make our own determinations as to how each of them will affect us?

It is your choice whether to side-step issues, or to tackle them. It is you who is responsible for every feeling you experience and what that experience means to you.

Take that ‘step further’ and make yourself the ultimate determining factor in how your feel . . . always.

Embroiled (Involved in conflict)

Embroiled in life. Embroiled in a marriage. Embroiled in a divorce.

Entangled in life’s problems. Divorce does nothing but dig the hole deeper making it harder to realize there might be some saving grace to your troubles.

You are vulnerable. Hurt. Scared. Tired. You want the turmoil to stop.

But what if . . . this is the only time period in your life in which you will be able to assimilate some profound truths? Truths, without which, you’d never be able to experience life in any higher form.

Times like this are a precious classroom. A learning experience where you are the student . . . and also the teacher.

Consider . . . you’ve both inflicted deep pain on each other. But you can say when that is over, for you. Begin by giving thanks for the classroom and for your partner. Rise up, above the ever present embroilment. Find your best self. Be daring, helpful. Empathize with what your partner has been through. Cry. Laugh. Envision.

Learn from your best self. Change your perspective. This ordeal has stolen hours of your life. Don’t allow it to steal any more.

Think ‘perfection’. Be ‘perfection’. Take your elevated self out the door and go help someone else.

Give thanks. Real, sincere thanks, for every second of what you have been through.

Realize ‘why’ you had to go through this . . .

and grow.