The Infinite

There is craziness and depth to this thing called the ‘Infinite’. We use words like ‘unbounded’ and ‘limitless’ as definitions, but even those don’t help much. As ascension happens the words to describe it just aren’t available and that is for the good.

What you are reading is one person’s glimpse of the Infinite. It is personal, so personal. Your journey likewise, will be personal to you. The perfection of the sharing with the Infinite and the reciprocation with It and the heights to which you are taken are so overwhelming they are ineffable – unable to be expressed by words.

As an example, if all you knew was a horse and buggy and you suddenly found yourself piloting the space shuttle, you might have similar sensations. So, let’s proceed.

We’re going on an adventure, you and I. Not a trip, where you have to get to the finish before you have anything that matters. No, this will be an undisciplined, irreverent and original adventure where – at any time – a word or concept may become a wrecking ball that smacks into your mind and changes your perspective so dramatically that your ‘life-governing version of ideas’ become misaligned for weeks. We will untie, unstrap, unbuckle, untether and free ourselves from any and all authority and enable personalized perfection to enter your daily thought pattern so that the word ‘value’ will have a renewed meaning.

This adventure is not a race. Some thoughts presented will collide with your present mental ideas of correctness, head-on, causing deep examination. Others may bolster your current thoughts and give them life, abundance and new-found depth. Whatever happens, understand that what we want to achieve here is clarity and discernment. Your reasons for belief are crucial, and achieving the understanding of those reasons opens us up to attaining the highest thoughts possible.

The Infinite’s role in this is to create a venue fit for Divine association. The Infinite is in need of nothing. It doesn’t care what you have, or what you believe or what you think you know. The Infinite has no mouthpiece so its messages must be ‘accepted’ not heard. It is as if all the answers that you will ever need are right in front of you. Answers, perfect answers about health, Bliss, family, money are here, just waiting for you. Think of a radio station broadcasting right now and you have a radio but you can’t hear the station. It is because the radio isn’t ‘tuned’ to the frequency of the station. So it is with the Infinite. We must be tuned to it. Silence, meditation, peace, thanksgiving and honor are the constituents that enable the receptivity.

The methods that you use for this will become better and better as they are tried. Much more on this later, but the key, the master idea for its accomplishment, is for us to just disappear. By that I mean, the closer we can come to being ‘empty’ and having nothing in our minds, is the answer. The ‘glass’ we bring to the Infinite should be completely empty. If the Infinite meets up with our preconceptions or our ideas or our beliefs, they will win – every time. The Infinite does not want competition. Our slate must be clean, immaculate. It is then that we can receive and understand what is given. If we think we know part of the answer, we will receive nothing.

That is a hint of Its Majesty.

Welcome, to the ‘Infinite’!

Accessing the Infinite

The traits of the Infinite are what make it so Majestic; unbounded, pure, perfect. But, those traits are not normally the traits of humans.

‘Wisdom is having things perfect in your life and knowing why.’ Not just good, perfect!

Wisdom comes to a person in many ways. Education coupled with experience is one example as in this quote . . .

‘Now I understand that one of the important reasons for going to college and getting an education is to learn that the things you’ve believed in all your life aren’t true, and that nothing is what it appears to be.’

But if higher education has not been available, the Infinite does not care, but the Infinite does not operate within a person if there are conflicting views.

Truth will not be found if we challenge the Infinite every step of the way with our previously learned beliefs. The Infinite speaks in the highest and most subtle way.

A question that pops up regularly is the one asking how we can know if it is the Infinite speaking to us? That answer is so easy. When you receive something that is of the highest caliber and is also the most subtle, what else could it be? Those utterances can not be misinterpreted.

Our objective then, is to create an appropriate ‘landing spot’ for the Infinite to use so that its messages can be heard. These messages, all of them, are subtle – delicate and elusive – and they are of the highest caliber. So how do we entice them to us? How do we so illuminate that landing spot so the Infinite knows it is there?

‘Knowledge speaks, wisdom listens.’ We listen! And in the same ways that we entice others to ourselves, we create conditions that show, not only our respect for the Infinite, but our empathy and recognition of what we would imagine would be the most attractive and enticing venue for the Infinite to come and play.

A few ideas would be; silence, darkness, soft music, sounds of nature, etc. But the most important ingredient here is you, and what you bring to the meeting.

Fortunately that answer can be found in one word, ‘nothing’. This is exactly opposite from a Christmas list of presents wanted. You come with no expectations of any kind. No suggestions of how the best way something could be done. Nothing envisioned that may work. Nothing! The Infinite knows what you need. Its answers are just waiting to be heard. But this is new to us. Usually answers come via orders, memos, or someone yelling at us, but none of those are ‘subtle.’

This interaction with the Infinite is reciprocal. The more you become attuned to its workings, the more open the Infinite will be with its correspondence.

It is fitting here to say that from my personal association with the Infinite that I always capitalize the first letter in reverence to It. You may guess that I do that like others do with god (God). It may appear that way on paper, but my reverence is from empirical happenings, not some elevation from a book or from another’s recollection.

I am always in awe when speaking of the Infinite. The Infinite is where I choose to ‘live’. I try to keep that channel open, and perfectly clear, always. When I speak I try to listen at the same time for any suggestions It may have. Always, ALWAYS, there is thanks in my heart and on my lips for everything, and especially for the ability of divine association.

Accessing the Infinite is simple. Find your special time for this, early morning is good. Find what makes you the most comfortable, calm and open. Rid yourself of everything; problems, worries, deadlines, money. Be desirous of nothing. With cheerful thanks, close your eyes – and Listen. Give thanks for everything that happens next. Recurring thoughts running through your mind, any discomfort, any doubts, anything. If they come, give thanks and let them go. Make everything that happens at this time as perfect as you can. Perhaps your soft music is too loud or has words in it. At this time you don’t want words of a song you want words of perfection.

Silence is the language of the Infinite. The highest and most subtle comes from the Silence. Listen.

It can not be stressed enough that this is not about you! You might think that it is your responsibility to direct this flow, or to monitor the proceedings.

Please get this . . . you desire the best you, but you have no idea of what the ‘best you’ is. The answer to what the ‘best you’ is comes only from the Infinite.

When you get an ‘answer’ follow it. Don’t analyze or modify it. Be it. If that is not done, no further answers will appear. By following the suggestions you honor the Infinite and encourage (remember the ‘reciprocation’?) Its responses.

The idea here is freedom from yourself. It is letting go of all the limiting forces you have acquired and in their place leaving vacancies for the Infinite to fill.

We let go of worldly cares and replace them with perfection, your perfection. This is a personal advancement. Your benefits here will not help your neighbor, friend or spouse. The subtlety of what you learn makes it inexpressible in words. The advancement is always toward the Infinite. It will become more and more important to you. As you are guided to free yourself from all the worldly tethers, you ascend a little more. With each ascension, the air becomes clearer, your contentment higher, and your vision of yourself more Majestic. It is a cleansing process also. As questionable traits of your life are eliminated, new ones – perfect for you – are added.

The ideas of good and bad, right doing and wrong doing, disappear. The higher you go, the more you will want to stay there to experience – Bliss.

No idea of what to do next? Start now – Listen. Then, Listen more. The Infinite is ready to lead. Listen for directions. They will be perfect.

‘Bliss’ is up next. You won’t want to miss one word of it.


Bliss is used today to mean ‘absolute happiness,’ but for our purpose here we will use this definition;

Bliss is absolute happiness, with no cause.

There are myriad reasons why a person may have absolute happiness, but to attain that status with ‘no cause’ is where we want to be.

The Infinite makes it possible.

We are not on a search for the Infinite, or for Bliss. We don’t search for Bliss along the way.

Bliss is THE WAY!

What we do each day, and how we do it, is the Way.

When we get to the point where we understand that we can’t bring about this Bliss ourselves is when the Way becomes clearer.

When we realize this and allow ourselves to be led down the Path is when the Magic takes place.

It is the understanding that we are the creator of our Path and we are also the Path.

As you are walking across, say – your living room, you can visualize where your next footsteps will be. But you may take two steps, remember you need your keys, and turn left to retrieve them. You are the creator of your path, but you are also the path itself. Your ultimate ‘path’ resides IN you, waiting to be borne.

For most individuals this concept is not known. But if we realize that we can become an integral part of this process of birth, by Listening as we walk across the room, or anywhere else, we allow the Infinite to become a contributor to our lives – as we go! The huge difference here is that by Listening (with a clear mind, expecting nothing) answers will now come from the Infinite. They will be perfect answers, perfect for YOU.

We can create the Path that is Us!

Sure, the answers themselves may be awesome, but here’s the thing, when this process happens a few times Magic happens within you. It is one miraculous feeling to sense a oneness with the Infinite. Just by ‘letting go’ of worldly thoughts and concerns, that feeling of uniting with the Infinite comes back, and along with it – Bliss.

And don’t forget about the reciprocation factor. The more you trust the Infinite, the more It is addresses, used, appreciated, the more It gives back.

I remember wondering if Bliss was possible all the time. It is! It is the perfect drug. The more you experience It, the more you want It. You realize the things in your life that preclude Bliss from staying around, and you start to get rid of them. Things like arguing, finding fault, being with negativity of any kind, and a host of others, you just start seeing them for what they are – unnecessary burdens tethered to your mind. And when you find yourself close to any of these things, you just excuse yourself and leave. The feeling of deciding on something more pure, is exquisite. From that point you give thanks and Listen for the next item that you can exclude.

Bliss remains when there is nothing negative to challenge It.

You may be pondering, ‘What, then, do I think about?’ Good question!

In the next section, ‘Possibilities’, I’ll throw down a few suggestions that you may find astounding, things you really will want to think about.

In case you forgot, this is about the Infinite.

Perhaps unable to be captured in its entirety by a human mind, and limited by only having words for its description, we’re going to try to express It with all the grandeur It deserves.

‘Possibilities’ awaits.

Bring a very open mind.

Possibilities – Introduction

The Possibilities that we are going to talk about here are ones that the Infinite shares with us, for our enrichment. When they come to us they are the highest, and most subtle forms of conscious energy. To paraphrase, they are easily missed – especially if our own spirit is rather dogmatic. By that I mean, if in our past we have entertained deep-seated beliefs and we tend to ‘want to get our point across whether through incessant talk, raised voice, etc., our chance of ‘hearing’ what the Infinite has to say is greatly reduced.

Some folks start this journey with high aspirations, but they add a mental proviso that any idea for going forward must comply with certain criteria they ‘know’ from previous associations and the ‘answers’ they may receive must in some special way align themselves with the person’s preconceived notions of what is right.

The answers, if and when they come to us will not be sent dogmatically. They will be subtle, like a feathery wisp, or better, like a hint of an idea. If our receptive equipment is crammed with what we think we know, the Infinite ideas will never get through. The Infinite does not want competition. It will share Its abundance but only when we are fit for divine association.

If your plan to accessing the Infinite is based on questioning every conceivable facet of that journey, or to gain access vicariously, you have sealed your fate. Stop questioning, stop trying to ‘equip’ yourself with information that you think will help.

There is no equation such as; You + x + y = The Infinite. What ever ‘x’ and ‘y’ mean to you, they must be eradicated. Then you are left with the ‘you’. Realize that Silence is the language of the Infinite. Strive for that. Silence that is pure within you. Silence that you can protect and isolate from the worldly contamination that habitually tries to get in.

Begin a process of sensing what is the highest and most subtle. Let those things, whatever they are, come to you – in perfect Silence. When something enters, embrace it, give thanks, and then use that as your new base and accept only things that are higher than that. Float. Dream. Love. Give thanks. Repeat.

Trouble with recurring worldly thoughts? As they occur, give thanks for them, and let them go. Past beliefs causing a conflict? Give thanks for the belief and let it go. Acknowledge, in complete silence, that all you want right now is the highest, nothing else will be tolerated. In perfect harmony, ascend again, and again. Each time with a bit more clarity, a bit more humility, a bit more expectation. Have nothing to share, have no desire.

No desire, perfect contentment, awaiting the absolute highest form of communication possible. It is a time to allow your mind to do, and accept, things it has never even considered before. Don’t get in its way. Dream. Float. Give up the reins. Open. Open more. Impose no limitations. Give thanks. This – is emancipation, but please don’t try to label it. Just let the Infinite bring you Bliss. Do you have hidden areas of your mind that have been closed off for so long you can barely remember what they are? Expose them. Expose everything. Offer no explanation, have no expectation. This is all garbage that will be removed based on your degree of purity.

You know you have received the invitation when your heart is ready to risk everything to experience the Infinite.

If you sense that there is a problem, whether it be abandoning all past beliefs, conflict of past religions and their teachings, inability to forsake a part of your personality that is crucial to accessing the Infinite, etc., your heart is not ready to risk everything.

The Infinite wants the pure ‘you’. The you that is directed by nothing other than what it has to share with you. There is the utmost irony about this concept. All we have to do is to bring Nothing and we get Everything! But leave it to the ego to have to be able to inject some form of human reasoning into this gift. There are so many examples of past beliefs, experiences, associations, family, friends, dogmatism, time, personality – and on and on – that people use as excuses.

The Infinite is about risking everything. Every little, last item that you hold up as more important than the Infinite will preclude access. Every little personality trait that you hold on to so dearly, may be so detrimental to this end. I can only suggest that it is worth a try. You can return to where you are right now with just a shake of your head.

This is an adventure, not just a trip. It is also of the highest magnitude, and it is free! You may ask about the ramifications. Bliss (more to come about that), peace, quietude, contentment, highest love and many more, but most importantly to share here is that your reliance on other sources for answers will drift away. In its place will be solely the reliance on yourself, in conjunction with the Infinite.