S p i r i t

There is a force which can give life to venues.

Let’s call it ‘Spirit.’

Spirit changes ‘life’ to ‘LIFE!’

Spirit brings excitement, fun, elevation – and also – Magic.

Teams of marginal ability can soar over their competitors when they are joined in Spirit.

Spirit tunes the imagination and focuses it on unknown positive outcomes.

Spirit creates a super-charged dream world where everything just goes perfectly.

Spirit requires a spark, Magic in the air, hope, happiness . . .

You’ve all experienced it.

Ponder how you might make it happen again – sooner, than later.

Step #3

The Infinite comes to you on a priority basis. Your desire for the Infinite must be greater than the cares of this world or there is no chance for communication.

Moreover, this search for the Infinite is ‘for’ you, but it is not ‘about’ you. Thus, it is NOT your job to ponder your problems and come up with human answers yourself. Quite the opposite! Your mission is to come to the Infinite- empty. No ideas, no questions, no pre-conceived solutions, no problems – nothing.

Silence is the language of the Infinite. Find YOUR silence. Stop your mental chatter. Perhaps with some form of meditation. Find YOUR silence.

The urge is to do everything possible but our human efforts are of no use here. Best, is to realize we can’t overtly hasten this process. It is a time to consider giving up using our resources and instead being led. In all you do, start being ready for Magic to appear. Look for it, and most importantly – listen.

Steps to Freedom

2. Freedom – is all about ‘rules’.

But these rules, are YOUR rules.

Ideas that have come to you, that you WANT to have governing your life.

These rules can be about anything; What you do, what you don’t do, what you eat, what you don’t eat, where your time is spent. what you believe in, what you care most about.

These ideals are extremely special because they ARE you.

They come to you, you don’t bring them into being. These ‘rules’ can and will make your life on earth so wonderful you will not even be able to convey it’s Majesty to friends.

They only appear when your mind is clear enough and quiet enough to accept them.

More tomorrow . . .

Most Subtle

The best thought, the greatest action, is the one which brings about the
highest and most subtle conscience energy.

Think about what is the ‘most subtle’ to you.
That dream you had and all you can remember is that you had it.

That flicker of a memory about an old friend whose name has been forgotten.

That message that came to mind as a feathery wisp leaving nothing but a void.

Incomplete images, illusory moments, too brief descriptions;
choose these, live there.

Try darkness as your candle,

silence as your sermon.

Search for Truth instead of beauty,

opt for reason instead of miracles.

Claim things as uncertain until fully proved,

‘I don’t know’ is always better than a guess.

Some things can’t be proven, in which case

‘I don’t know’ should always take precedence.