Most Subtle

The best thought, the greatest action, is the one which brings about the
highest and most subtle conscience energy.

Think about what is the ‘most subtle’ to you.
That dream you had and all you can remember is that you had it.

That flicker of a memory about an old friend whose name has been forgotten.

That message that came to mind as a feathery wisp leaving nothing but a void.

Incomplete images, illusory moments, too brief descriptions;
choose these, live there.

Try darkness as your candle,

silence as your sermon.

Search for Truth instead of beauty,

opt for reason instead of miracles.

Claim things as uncertain until fully proved,

‘I don’t know’ is always better than a guess.

Some things can’t be proven, in which case

‘I don’t know’ should always take precedence.


Imagine a dream that brought feelings that were better than any you have ever had before.

Reacquaint yourself with past thoughts that have elevated you the most.

Ponder sensations that were so great they made you cry.

Picture yourself living in pure happiness and bliss.

When your head touches the pillow, allow the above magic to be your world.

It is yours and you can tweak each part of it to become more and more majestic.

Share it with nobody. Bathe in it, live in it, allow it to become you.

This is your ‘Confidential Harvest’.

Why Kumi is writing . . .

Read carefully the words of Kumi

Kumi says that it is time to realize that our beliefs are who we are.

Every step we take or don’t take, every word we speak or don’t speak is dictated by what we believe. Your desire right now to continue reading, or not, is based entirely on the beliefs you have at this moment.

Are these cherished beliefs just hand-me-downs from parents and other mis-guided folks from our earlier years? Have you ever taken the time to try and understand them? If your beliefs are from a book, have you considered the quality and purity of everything else in that book? Are any of your current beliefs empirical, based on your personal findings only?

Let’s explore and try to discover more about these things that are the building blocks of our life. It will an adventure; undisciplined, irreverent and original!

Grab that coffee. We’re headed to uncharted territory!