Uncertain Sculpturing

‘Bliss’ is at the top of the stack of attributes I want as part of my life. This ‘Bliss’ is a feeling of total euphoria – with no cause. There are many happenings in life that bring complete happiness and joy, but enjoying euphoria in your default position is supreme.

This ‘Uncertain Sculpturing’ is the most personally rewarding adventure possible, mainly because you are just an observer of it – you are indeed the subject too, but you also are the observer.

In its most pure form this is just about the sculpting of YOUR perfect – PERFECT – life, and you play no role in the conception other than Listening.

It is best to start with a clean slate; abandoning all your beliefs (not saying you will, declaring you can change them or just mentioning some lessened degree to which they rule your life) but complete disassociation. This is freedom, of the utmost kind – untethered, unbiased, unclaimed.

From there, the sculpting can begin because listening is NOW possible. Hear, notice, discover what factors you want in your perfect life and then let them happen to you, welcome them in, experiment with them.

Let’s say you want a perfect diet. Open yourself up to that realm – all of it. Try all things that are offered. Importantly here is to take note of the facets that don’t add to your Bliss and exclude them. Then, let this become your life in the food arena. Celebrate it, love it. And if something about it is not perfect – slice it off – and add back what is needed to make it perfect.

Let the desired topics of your life appear TO you, don’t pick them yourself. Listen, experience, perfect. Repeat.

The stage, your stage, is waiting for you to appear. Ridden with Bliss, daring another sector of life to appear that heretofore hasn’t been perfected.

Belief to the Death

If you have watched any of the recent governmental hearings you readily understand the concept of dichotomies – a division into two especially mutually exclusive or contradictory groups. Of course dichotomies are not limited to just the political realm of republicans and democrats. There are people who are; believers/non-believers, pro guns/against guns, pro-abortion/against abortion, etc.

As evidenced daily in the news and elsewhere, if one person, or group of people, share a belief there is almost always a group in opposition to them and there is no telling how vehement their differences may become.

Is it not possible that a third type of individual could come into being, call him an ‘understander’, who would be desirous of not taking sides? A person with patience and wisdom who would never use the phrase ‘I believe . . .’ but instead be more interested in the validity of what is going on and have NO allegiance to the beliefs he might hold.

Using religion as an example, almost everyone has his or her belief – about EVERYTHING concerning religion. Yes there is a god. No there is not. God lives in every atom in the universe. God only lives in our hearts. God sees your every move and thought. No he or she doesn’t. Just about everyone has their opinions of this unable-to-be-known realm.

With 200+ religions out there, many folks, if not all, are wrong, and some take the atheism route that also has its gradations of exclusivity. No one knows for certain the answers to any of these dichotomies so why, WHY? does there have to be all these assumed beliefs in people’s minds that they rely on with every fiber of their being?

Shouldn’t the appropriate response given to a question pertaining to dichotomies be something like, ‘I am not sure, but it may be . . .?’ If no one knows for certain, why does everyone have to take sides, don their dogmatic armor and prepare for war?

This is basically our way of life. Consider a subject, choose your side and fight anyone who disagrees, at least until you are dissuaded and join the other side! To what end? Winning? Causing unhappiness? Causing hate?

Hopefully, as an ‘understander’, I never share my ‘beliefs’. A suggestion, anytime. A possibility, bring it on.

Instead of hearing ‘I believe . . .’ in the future, how beautiful it would be to hear others say ‘My understanding up to now is . . .’ Arguments would disappear and be replaced by discussions. Talks would bring people together instead of separating them.

All the ‘hate’ that is metastasizing throughout our lives today is because of dichotomies that are being mishandled.

Magic Revisited

Have you had a Magical moment? A time in your life when everything was so good you wanted to scream you were so happy? A time when you couldn’t wait to look around the next corner to see what kind of excellence would be added.

That time is now, you know? Yes, the circumstances have changed, but the amazing realization is that no matter what your environment is now, the meaning you give to it can be just as great as your experience of that Magical moment, if not better.

You say, ‘Yes, but he or she has changed.’ Really!? Everything changes! Including you! Figure out what is amazing about your new surroundings and build on those premises. Is it more freedom? More time to find out who you REALLY are? More time to ponder things that are no longer superficial but those that affect you viscerally?

Take the time to discover what is great about the changes and disregard what you may conceive as disagreeable. Don’t ‘do’ things that are not enjoyable – to you – unless you have a reason to do it. Don’t ‘do’ things that are not healthy, don’t even think about them. You can put whatever YOU want into your mind. Plant seeds of wonder, excitement, joy, love – whatever you decide you want your world to be like.

Dream! Ascend! Make room for perfection. Give no room to anything you determine doesn’t belong.

Subtle Power

Suppose that the TV is on and you hear the word ‘cancer’ mentioned in one of those pharmaceutical ads and as your mind assimilates that word you say to yourself, either;

‘You know, I just might have cancer’ – or – ‘I never get sick, I am in perfect health’.

Both of these are just subtle affirmations that we might have made to ourselves, but do they or can they actually affect our health and our lives?

Earl Nightingale promulgated a wise saying half a century ago; ‘We become what we think about.’ In our example we would have been only thinking about cancer or perfect health for a few seconds, but is that enough to matter?

If you never once thought about health and when the commercial came on harbored the idea of having cancer as a possibility, 100% of your thought time would have been about accepting cancer. As stated, this is quite a far-fetched example, but that one thought about cancer can lead to others, like; ‘You know Uncle Jimmy had that prostrate thing and that was horrible’ and you can fill in all the other people and all their circumstances.

There really isn’t anything good that can be said about a disease or illness other than someone recovered from it and those examples are so few they are almost disregarded. And we all know individuals who make talking about their medical problems their most important topic.

Take care as to what you put on your plate, what you let enter your mind, what you think about. The next time you catch yourself thinking about or discussing anything that is negative realize that that may become a part of you. Back away from the subject, let it go, and replace it with something that has spectacular radiance, majestic purity or bubbling effervescence.

Don’t think about things you don’t want to be.

Tomorrow’s Forecast

We see or hear a forecast about the next day’s weather; High 78° Low 63° 10% chance of rain. What if you saw or heard a forecast about how you would be the next day?Temperature: 98.7° Heart rate: 65 – 128. Level of compassion: 44 – 61. (And a host of other parameters!)

It is interesting as to how this predictive information could be viewed by the person to whom it refers.

Some would question the accuracy of the numbers, others would question how the information was obtained and some may treat it like a horoscope and rely on the findings as quasi-factual.

Hopefully you understand that there are myriad possibilities of how one might consider these prognostications and that among those choices there is the shining prospect that a person can completely disregard those, or any guesses and realize himself or herself as the only contributor to his or her well-being.

Important here is the concept of being responsible for our own life, irrespective of the temperaments of others or the changes that life brings to us. We aren’t subject to a forecast that predicts our feelings, we orchestrate those feelings.

When anything happens, each and every one of us determines what that happening means to us. When words are read, like these, you determine the impact they have on your life.

Let’s leave those forecasts to the weatherman and realize with absolute certainty that we are responsible for all our feelings each day.

Default Position

With the addition of IT (information technology) to our lives the term ‘default’ is now a word we see almost everyday. It is that status or position that is selected FOR us, with no active consideration on our part.

When there is a concern to be addressed, a problem to be solved or a decision to be made – from what ‘status’ do we address this issue? If there is no awareness, our starting position is going to be a heap of worldly disillusionment where we still use our worn out, biased algorithms and means of solving things that we have used our entire lives.

An alternative is this – take whatever your concern is to a higher level. Begin above! Get a complete understanding of the issue and then let it go. Await answers that will come from a higher realm. They will be answers perfect for you, without bias or conflict. And just as important as the answers, you will experience viewing your life from a more lofty perspective. You’ll notice more of the parts and how they fit together, and maybe some parts they should be discarded.

Stop allowing your answers to come from anyone or anything. Be proactive in how you select what is best – for you. Permit only the finest thoughts to makeup your life.

With a few attempts, this strategy may become your ‘default’ position.


How’s that agenda coming along today? Got all the pieces connected to their respective times and the entire day strategized perfectly? Know what you’re going to say and are all of your notes in order? And what about the suggestions you will make to others, are they ready to go, too?

Have you heard of the Super-App? An ingenious device that not only handles the logistics of your day perfectly but coordinates feelings, emotions and ideas to your best advantage. It removes all guesswork from your schedule and optimizes the time you spend with anyone or anything, giving you more time for yourself which enables your choices to be more plentiful.

Other subtle, ancillary benefits are that people and resources will be brought to you as you need them. Opportunities that were up until now hidden, will now appear and bloom before your eyes. Secrets about how to achieve most favorable outcomes will be presented for your use.

How, you may ask, can this be possible?

Your human mind is a work of art, and its capacities are almost limitless. The method to boost its power immediately is to admix its power with the Infinite. To ‘hand over the reins’ to the Infinite, to rely on its perfection for everything. When you come up with a supposed correct path for your life you have so limited what could happen. Think of what may happen if all the possibilities for your life are considered and the best one is chosen for you!

Apple hasn’t perfected its version of this app yet, so in the meantime it may be best to give the Infinite a try by just relinquishing control of your actions to It. No explanations are necessary, It knows you better than you know yourself. Relax and enjoy the accompanying peace It brings.

Then, again, there is that one facet that enables all this Magic to happen – Listening.

Your Masterpiece

We all were a masterpiece at birth. We had life, a heartbeat, feelings, the ability to think, heal, see, hear, touch, taste and smell. And, for the most part, we still do have all these capacities and they all get used continually. Perhaps even to the extent of being jaded?

But at the table of life, the cards keep being dealt and sometimes you are given that ‘Old Maid’ and you can’t get rid of her. Like a tenacious adhesive, even long after being dealt to you, she remains. And there may be others called ‘the circumstances of life’.

These ‘circumstances’ have unique methods of intermeshing and one little knot can grow into a morass of entanglement which can even cause some to abandon their masterpiece.

This is so unfortunate because included, but not listed above, is the capacity to ‘listen’. Not ‘hear’ – but LISTEN. The difference is that ‘listening’ requires ‘paying attention’ to the source and making that source the only sound possible to hear at one time.

Call that ‘source’ anything you want, I’ll use the word ‘Infinite’. This ‘source’ is the matrix of pure, perfect thought and information. Listening opens the door, but its secrets must be wooed to be heard. The Infinite must be flirted with and courted. It is all about you coming up to Its level and not about It descending to yours.

The Infinite is about Purity, not your kind of purity – but Purity. If and when you decide this is for you, the idea is that when you seek, you bring nothing with you – no desires, no suggestions, no plans, no intellect, no agenda – nothing. You don’t even have to bring your concern. It knows exactly what you need.

The Old Maid is clinging to your Masterpiece and brings her own form of contamination.

Your ONLY duty is – to Listen – and feel her losing her grip.

The Stream

I’m the quiet preacher in that picturesque, pastoral scene in the woods. And whether there is a scheduled service or not, I’m there, sharing. Sometimes in my tall, tenor voice or perhaps the rich baritone one. Most of the time though, I am whispering.

Few come by, and fewer listen. Those that do are content to hear a babble or a trickle. The most amazing oratory in the universe is being proclaimed, and they leave with nothing but a faint memory of some splashing sounds.

One day, stop by. Perhaps an ornery wren or a finicky robin will help me convey the message to you.

You can be late, as the communiqué never stops. This time, dwell on what is genuine, and not what is on the surface effervescence. The very highest will be found at the deepest depths. Allow your senses to take a vacation. Come with nothing. Desire nothing.

I speak the loftiest lessons in the simplest of ways.

Intrigue comes from what is there, profundity from what is not.

Someday, you may be called – to be the stream.

The Solitary Search

Sometimes, in the dead of night, a solitary bird will perch itself in the highest branch of a tree and cry, hoping its cries will be heard by a perfect counterpart.

The bird knows the value of finding ‘the rest of its life’.  No cry is too loud and no hour is too late for the search.

When completeness comes, all is quiet.  Effortless movement replaces handicapped struggle.    

Majestic are connections – that bloom out of adversity.