Putting Reality on Hold

We all want to get away – put a schism or fissure between us and reality in an effort to what – get more acquainted with ourselves?

So many years steering the same boat. The captain’s chair is worn. And with so few destinations! Back and forth, usually. Just back and forth.

We try to augment the trips with personalities, and that helps a bit, but all too soon we realize these bandages only cover the underlying void for that elusive ultimate newness.

Each day we gloss over this concern and even if it becomes important- again – we pretend it’s not important even though, deep down, we know that coming in contact with anything that even resembled an ‘answer’ could be life changing.

So, we conjure, contemplating past anythings from personal experiences from books, dreams, movies, etc. And by doing that, by imposing our thoughts and our views of how life ‘should be’ we preclude the Magic from appearing. Because we ‘conjure’ – we inhibit – the surreal.

P.S. No offerings for a week – it’s cruise time.

On Deck Batter

Peeking out through the guardrail around my bed this morning, there was the same mental ball field with that agile, but pesky, shortstop wielding his golden glove.

Try as I may to hit a couple over the fence before arising, what was produced were a few dribblers that were gobbled up immediately and thrown out at first base.

Tried different bats, new batting stances, even new shoes. Still, just dribblers.

‘There’s a base hit into the gap.’ Oh, those words bring such joy. ‘It’s a line-drive off the center field wall!’ Think about it. There’s clapping, high-fiving, joy and team spirit. Everyone is elevated.

We, also, can generate that team spirit. If one of these morning paragraphs elicits a desire in you to comment, PLEASE jot it down in the ‘reply’ window. I’ll assure everyone will see it, we all can add to it, and we can say goodbye to the shortstop.

‘It’s going, going, gone!’

Bring it on.


Purely for example’s sake, let’s take the question, ‘Is there a God?’ A question that apparently has no proven answer.

When asked, nearly everyone will reply in the same manner as they have done before. God has been an ‘implant’ into our psyche since we were children. The implant (not just God, but all implants) becomes an unquestioned – and usually unquestionable – part of who we are. They remain hidden in a deep recess of our mind, locked, with an abstruse combination and for the most part it is just too inconvenient to address them in any way.

For a moment, let’s assume they are accessible and they are easily dismissed, forgotten. We then reflect on the question, ‘Is there a God?’ And perhaps for the first time we look deep into this important query – by ourselves. This time we don’t arrive at an answer by quoting what someone else has said. We cease to be actors with a memorized script and actually dig into the multi-faceted question, relying only on our own reasoning.

Few do this, about anything.

I can not imagine a more pleasant, interesting and revelatory time discussing any subject with a friend where all answers emanate from the heart and not someone else’s teachings.

Relying on the Given

While out on a tangent yesterday an epiphany smacked me so hard it may have dislodged a shoe from a tree on Venus.

I pondered my boldness in creating my ‘Infinite religion’ and then having the gall to try to sell it to you, and many others. With clarity, in retrospect, I see I was doing just what I hate to have done to me. I humbly ask for your forgiveness.

And, as no good epiphany can occur without the dropping of once ‘critical’ information, all that crap of individual religions, etc., has been forgotten. In its place is this: giving an opportunity to the idea of experiencing others in the raw, i.e., without them sharing anything about what they have ‘learned’ via other minds. Stripping away all facades and interacting with people in their ‘pure’ state.

People try to fit pieces together to form a life – but those pieces are all suggestions from someone else. We create our own versions of life as if our true self is not good enough. This leads to people talking about their take on reality, what they have put together and call themselves. Then they argue about who is more correct.

Can we even consider; who we are, with nothing attached? Who we are when all of our beliefs have been let go? Free from all of our contaminates, what will we say then? What will we do?

That ‘inner secret’ within us all, when all of our confines have been eliminated, what will it do then? When we finally shut up and hand the reins over to THAT, where will we go then?

Where will we go then?

stay tuned . . .


I sit with you basking in Oneness.

You say something. And I think, ‘That’s not what I would have said. I don’t even agree with your comment.’

We’re one! We’re one? I get it, we’re all made up of the same kind of tiny particles. Does that make us ‘one’? Two identical piles of food and seasonings are on a table. I make dinner out of one and Bobby Flay makes dinner out of the other batch. Are they ‘one’? Certainly not if you have to eat the one I prepared.

While we’re sitting together it seems more correct to say we are in Twoness.

From Adumbration – to Ananda

(Adumbration – a partial outline. Ananda – a place of Awakening.)

Yesterday’s message has opened doors of imaginative possibilities.

Now, as I view our coterie of four, I am certain of its unbounded greatness. (Kitty just jumped into my lap again, so I know I’m on the right track!)

I am the only one who has the luxury of conceiving our individual natures coalescing for collaboration. Our potential is staggering considering the uniqueness, genius and je ne sais quoi we each bring to the table. And knowing all of you as I do I have to mention that each of us is ready for a deluge of Magic to pour down on us.

Napoleon Hill, in ‘Think and Grow Rich’ mentioned a few key points that are applicable here; Invisible counselors, Infinite Intelligence, Carnegie’s MasterMind group. Something is happening here, something Big. It has to do with ‘Intent’. If we all share this ‘intent’ – as individuals and as a team – this Magic will begin and won’t stop.

If this resonates with you, please keep this idea in your mind. I have this strange feeling of the implacability of this situation, like it has already started down the track and nothing can stop it.

Viva la inertia!

Brutally Honest

On this actually ‘cool’ Saturday morning, with Kitty in my lap, and myriad thoughts bouncing around in my skull vying for recognition, distillation has directed me to share the following . . .

The snippets that I have begun sending out are going to Marcia, Gary and Frank, three wonderful people that have never met, but somehow I have become a hub linking us together in some esoteric way.

I don’t do ‘love’ well, at all. I can do ‘lust’ – and ‘friendship’ for awhile. But ‘love’ remains an unknown. What I do know is that you three are the closest things to ‘love’ that I know. I am honored, in the highest degree, to be associated with each one of you.

As I search through my box of assets I find nothing that would in any way qualify me to be your friend. And contrariwise there is my unending capacity to be judgmental, condescending and selfish.

I’m sure you realize that these snippets that are sent out are for me, really, to clarify my thinking. But I try to do them well because they are going to you, Marcia, to you, Gary and to you, Frank – in hopes they are of some value.

This blog has focused my morning attention on you folks as I am led to putting words together and I would be terribly remiss if I didn’t thank each of you for your uniqueness, compassion and brilliance.

Kitty has just jumped down, so I will close by saying, ‘Thank you, thank each of you, for just being there for me. I am deeply indebted to all of you.’

Question at the Core

I ask you this . . .

Why is it that each of us has to be so adamant about our beliefs? In discussion here are beliefs we have about all things uncertain such as words in the context of religion, such as; soul, heart, god, spirit, etc.

It is as if we are mandated to take a firm stance on every word we utter that is in that realm. We say ‘my god’ with all the zeal we can muster, every time. This is My God!

People have beliefs. But – why must we imbue them with such certainty that we would sooner die over their validity rather than appending a phrase such as ‘I’m pretty sure’ to our beliefs?

There are hundreds of possible gods out there. How can you be certain of any of them, including your own, is the right one? Or, that any of them exist?

Wars are fought, people die, because of this. Ponder the changes, please, if everyone, when speaking about these beliefs, inserted, ‘I may be wrong . . .’ before continuing.

My question here is not about which god, which car, which restaurant is the right one. The question is WHY do we have to be so adamant about our choices?

Yesterday I was wondering about our society

and how many of the beliefs that we have, are ours

and not the result of our copying them from

an author, a preacher, a business person, etc.?

The idea of thinking for ourselves, about anything,

has evaporated. Even the most industrious, when confronted

with a conundrum, leaves his or her reasoning power and searches

for answers anywhere but his or her own mind.

When we realize that everything we do is determined by what is in

our mind, this concern may be adequately illuminated.

We wonder why the world is fraught with disagreements and war,

and yet practically all of us negotiate life with nothing more than a

composite of a few UNINSPECTED ideas we have, over the years,

accepted and adopted from others.

And these – direct our every step and influence our every

word and thought.

We periodically have an idea of where we would like things to go; call it a dream, an intention or an inspiration.

And along with this dream usually comes a perceived outcome; that things will be better in some way or ways.

An idea to consider is this . . . What underlying feeling are you really addressing? What will change in peoples’ lives if this dream happens? Is it to save time, create more happiness, assure perpetuation of the status quo?

Once that one factor is deduced, things change. The original ‘sales pitch’ evolves into sharing thoughts that affect lives. This enables pinpointing effort.

If there is resonance between what you offer and what the person wants to ‘feel’, it is a done deal.