Life, minus


in the complexities of life,

we instinctively attach ourselves to that roller-coaster.

We enjoy the highs

and fight through the lows.

We keep experiencing – everything.

Until the time when the lows become too concentrated, too frequent or too familiar.

When the desire to part from those unpleasantries appears in our consciousness and when THAT desire remains for a long enough time – we act.

We perceive a life void of unpleasantries.

The Blue Roof and White Dot Inn

Are we somewhere in there?

The concept of the Infinite doesn’t get thought of much. Our position in the emptiness, our role in the Universe, our interaction in it; minimal.

If we look up in the daytime, unobstructed, there is the blue roof, a ceiling, really. Just blueness. And to the extent that we appreciate blue, we’ll continue our gaze. And at night there are just the white dots. Periodically awe-inspiring but when that novelty wears off so does our interest.

Our imagination determines whether we are infinite or not.

Our imagination determines whether we are Infinite or not.

Perhaps it is the words that you will never read that will be the most profound for you. If you contrast them against our many earthly suggested options like ‘Believe or die’, you may grasp the concern.

‘Contextual‘ – depending on the preceding or following parts of a text to clarify meaning. What percentage of our thoughts are contextual, 100%!?

Should our only way of discovery be that of reading other’s discourses and answers?

If so, all enlightenment is halted, imagination disintegrated.

You feel all alone, helpless, uncertain? Here’s a suggestion . . .

Consider that we are least alone when we are in silence. That is when the Blue Roof and White Dots roll out the red carpet. Along that red carpet are trash receptacles into which you may drop all of your bounded, limited and shallow views.

Ready to go? One more thing . . .

don’t forget to remove the blinders.

The Sentry is A.W.O.L.

There is an old maxim in the computer world, G.I.G.O., or garbage in, garbage out. It applies to most everything we do on a daily basis but there is a facet about GIGO that hardly gets mentioned – the sentry.

Are we all equipped with a soldier that stands guard at the entry point of our mind? If not, what if anything is monitoring what enters our mind?

If we view our minds as a cooking pot we’ll all agree that if only garbage is put in, what will be served for dinner won’t be very good. So what happened to the sentry? Is he on vacation or has he been permanently let go? Or – was that position ever filled?

Of course, your sentry is you. You are the only apparatus that can pay attention to what is permitted into your mind.

If there is a question or concern lingering in your life that needs answers, the usual method is to think about it. But we can think about things with or without a sentry.

Without a sentry you’ll be wallowing in any thoughts the world brings to you, like; how bad this is, what a jerk she is, how unlucky I am, the unlikelihood of any good coming from it. Without a sentry ‘garbage out’ is inevitable.

When your sentry returns he won’t let that garbage in. Instead, thoughts like; how can this be perfect?, what fabulous possibilities this brings!, how can I learn from this?, and so on. With a sentry the choice of ingredients is up to you. You can literally pick thoughts of the highest order. Thoughts that you know will make dinner – elegant.

Take your sentry to Starbucks. Treat him to a double espresso. Buy him a gift card. Treat him just like you want to be treated – and then better, and higher.

Mirrors work wonders.


One form of the word sublime is ‘sublimation’ which means to divert unacceptable or less pure desires into ones that are socially acceptable, such as, switching the desire of hate to one of writing a magnificent story to depict that feeling.

Humans favor things of transcendence like a gorgeous sunset, stimulating verse or supreme love. And we each have our favorite examples of transcendence. Most of us would prefer an ocean view than sitting in a walled cubicle.

If there are unavoidable negatives in your life right now, sublimation can do wonders to change them into positives.

Perhaps a co-worker, Carl, is always a source of abrasion for you, and beautiful sunsets just make you melt. Tune into a perfect sunset, feel the uplifting impact it brings. Now, juxtapose Carl with that sunset. Allow links to be set up between Carl and the sunset in your mind. The next time you see Carl, remember those new associations, realize you are helping Carl and also helping yourself. Let the idea of ‘Carl + sunset’ stir in you and say, or maybe don’t say, what is given to you then.

Don’t permit the habitual negatives to affect this union. When together, if you sense the interaction is heading south, just excuse yourself from it. Stay above. Don’t ever be dragged back down to someone else’s level.

This is but one petty example. Bad times show the need for sublimation. Sublimation can turn rage into love, irritation into peacefulness, discrimination into oneness.

You can ‘tune into’ any feeling you want, as perfect as you can conceive it. Change those quagmires in your life to pristine waterfalls or moments of love. Anything that brings you the highest joy, pick THAT!

Who would have guessed that your next doctor visit was going to be an Alaskan cruise!?

Sublimation is a concept, an idea – an algorithm, really. It can be used for anything from modifying the dislike of doggie-poop removal to passing a math test. With it, there is no need to feel bad again. Plug in the annoyance – then turn up the intensity of your choice of bliss. Cease being around, or subjecting yourself to, anything that would cause that bliss to falter. It is OK to fall in love with this process. It can change your life in a few seconds.

When in doubt, ‘Choose Perfection’.

Default Position

We get asked, ‘Hey, how ya doin?’ and the reply is of course, ‘Fine’.

But then there is that friend that looks you straight in the eye and asks slowly, ‘How are you really doing?’ In the next moment after that an interesting thing happens, we answer from our heart, we share a few unfiltered sentiments and feelings about the highest priority item on our list of current concerns.

Unfortunately, some of those shared feelings can be quite different from ‘fine’, and if they are negative, your entire being can suffer.

The associated negativity may take many forms, like an unruly relative or some physicality that has taken up residence within you.

Whatever the cause, if we allow these negative problems to reside within us in their ‘default position’ they change how we feel about ourselves. They become the things we think about and consequently we take on those feelings. We become those feelings. We are fed by those emotions.

The relationship you have with yourself is the most important. It affects everything you do. You build ‘who you are’ with your thoughts. If a few of these aren’t up to the caliber you would like, consider . . .

How much better your life would be if these concerns were instead facets that enriched your well-being. You can take any concern to the Infinite. In your moments of quietude you can listen for perfect answers for any problem you encounter.

One by one, eliminate all the items on your ‘list of current concerns’ but don’t stop there. Replace them with rich, positive thoughts of the highest order. Just one superlative answer can change a life forever as it may enable you to help others, also.

This ‘default position’ is usually thought of as a variable. Dump that idea and crank it up to its highest position and leave it there. That’s all the Infinite understands anyway.

‘Hey, how ya doin?’

Nothing or Everything?


Of course that word, and all others, won’t mean a thing here. When you return to normal life you may understand a similarity.

This realm, the Infinite, is indeed the supernal matrix. It understands complete systems in a holistic way and how you fit into them. Answers come, but in a way that remains inexplicable, ineffable and always perfect for you.

Your journey will only be ‘known’ to you, and this ‘known’ is used as loosely as possible. Although you will have experienced it, you will have no words to share it with others.

‘Sense’ is what happens. You sense the power, the purity and all-knowingness. You sense the loftiness and the uniqueness – the Majesty.

In many ways it is like a ethereal Disneyland. Some adventures you can enjoy immediately, others take time. Even if a wait or two is required, those periods are therapeutic and cathartic. The waits and timing are crucial.

The enchantment to revisit grows. Perfection has that attribute.

Where it will lead you is unknowable. How long a journey you will have will always be a secret. The rewards – awe-inspiring.

There is a concept that sounds crazy that you hear now and again that goes, ‘If you want to be given everything, give everything up.’ The Infinite is about just that. It wants nothing from you, NOTHING. Everything that it is, everything that it offers – is a gift. To plan for it, to search for it, to seek after it – is a joke, an insult. It is EVERYTHING, and our responsibility is only to accept that and respect its eminence by not trying personally to better our chances with it.

Listen, but listen deeply, listen purely, listen Majestically.

The whole process here is totally unfair. We bring nothing and yet we then can mix with the Infinite! We win, Infinitely! I am crying out loud as these final words are given to me. Gifts, insights, feelings, uplifts – just because a person listens. Wow.

Even if they go unheard by anything or anyone else I have a two-word phrase that I have enshrined and repeat to myself almost continually in regard to the Infinite . . .

‘Thank you’.

Disconnected – from All We Know

All that you thought you knew is now evaporating, as are memories.

You, too, are preparing to leave. Becoming weightless, motionless, with no apparatus for thinking.

On your journey you’ll have nothing but – one sense – a sense of ‘being’.

As your vacation unfolds there will be nothing but that one sensation available to you, your sense of being.

Your beginning will have nothing to do with a runway, a port, nor a station. They are preconceptions. Everything you can name is a preconception.

The words you use, the thoughts and beliefs you hold, your inherent emotions are all tethers. Each must be cut to enable liberation.

All is ready. Consider the basket containing all of your beliefs . . . now ponder what is holding those beliefs to you. Allow that tether to become non-existent. As if you are in a hot-air balloon and a restraining cable is freed, you’ll sense the invisible gondola nudge upwards. Now do the same thing with all your emotions. Then with all the words you use.

With all the stabilizers removed you may sense movement but not complete freedom. Oh, yes, that inner safety net that only you know about. That quote, or memory, or promise that got you through that quagmire long ago. Your fail-safe, your go-to-in-emergency fortress. It all comes down to that, right now. Hang on to it and your vacation will never happen. This last tether identifies you as an ‘earthling only’, unfit for divine association. Your decision to separate from that stronghold will take nothing but a mental nod from you but that nod will be from the highest and most subtle conscious energy you have have ever experienced.

All words and personal thoughts are now extinct. You are now free, perhaps for the first time, ever. This is the realm of the Infinite. Sense the stillness, the purity, the Perfection. There is nothing you can ‘do’ here. Nothing. But, you can do a lot of that.

Should your travels so far be utterly amazing, or at least good enough to continue, let’s reconvene right here tomorrow.

There are ‘no words’ to describe what might be waiting for you.

A Vacation from Everything You Have Ever Known

Tomorrow, your vacation will begin. For a few minutes right now we’re going to fill you in on a few changes that will take place before your vacation can start.

Your relationships, your memories of your past – all of it – will be severed. You will recall absolutely nothing about who you were or what you did up until now. Furthermore, you will have no recollection of any language you have ever heard. The plug will be pulled and you will be disconnected from everything you have ever experienced. If a past word or vision does come to your mind it will make no sense to you, and all similar inputs will vanish quickly and then cease to happen.

When your vacation begins, nothing will be recognizable. It will be a fantasy for sure, but it will be YOUR fantasy. Things that are present will be unknown to you. They may blink in and out of existence, things may morph into swirls, exist in many places at once, may be partly transparent.

There will be an inexplicable blanket of stillness that can’t be seen or felt, only sensed – and sense it you will.

Your journey starts tomorrow, January 28, 2020.

You don’t even need to pack.

Death is just the Beginning

There was a lapse in the flow. Serendipity ceased to punctuate, randomness slept. It was not as though the flow stopped, but as if its intent disappeared. The longing remained, but nothing was left to long for. The next heartbeat clumsily tried to remain in the procession, those after that one became extinct. Peace was still a resident but had lost its heart. There was no void but everything had become unidentifiable. Even the silence, the rich, fertile silence, was without magic. There was a gap in time which brought salience to its knees. Movement remained, devoid of progress. Possibility was still standing but with the absence of any assignable cause. Things were desaturated from the inside out like the levels of opacity of their souls slowly made their way to zero. Reality digressed into an abstract silhouette of uncertainty.
Before, way before the transformation started, back when there was at least an idea of where the edge of knowledge ended, that edge identified a subtle line of demarcation, similar to the ones between seasons. The past world which had a modicum of structure became a wasteland. Human life, if was still called that, was, like living in a pot of stew. Nothing was contiguous for more than a second. Continuity evaporated. The only plans made were ones about how to handle change.
And then we met and we tried to deal with the capriciousness of our surroundings, to find one snapshot on which to start some type of foundation. A place to plant our feet, a mental hometown. Now, words had nothing but the vaguest of meanings. The only thing recognizable was the light in your eyes, and that is what made up my life. My nourishment came from each glint, every sparkle and each longing gaze – from your eyes. The search for meaning was haunting as we delved into each other on just that visual level.
We so wanted to walk together, to dream together, to share – everything- with each other. Ah, to grow in each others’ garden, purely, perfectly. But all we had to exchange this desire was hope, and a link shared by a mutual gaze into each other’s eyes, periodically augmented by blinks, sparkles and tears.
There was one other punctuality, sleep, and when we arose each morning the first gaze proved to be the best because it brought renewed hope, happiness and clarity. After experiencing this clarity day after day, it became certain that to get away from the hypnotic morass of daily living was key. Somehow, that idea manifested itself of its own accord into our lives by creating synchronous times when we would shut our eyes at the same time and enjoy periods of peace, joy and bliss. When our eyes next met, new ideas had been formed, better insights gleaned, new worlds imagined. Potentials of continuity re-emerged. The makings of a stable oasis were on the horizon. Hope abounded. Fissures were mended. The tears that unhappiness brought, evaporated. Sparkles of more purity replaced those of worn luster.
The ugly stew was still all around us, beckoning to be dealt with, but a mere closing of our eyes assured ourselves that ‘out beyond’ our superficial gaze laid waiting a world of infinite possibilities. We chose to live there. It was you that made it possible. Remember, we began spending so much time ‘out beyond’ but that meant our eyes had to be shut. Then, that one day, that oh so special day when I looked into your eyes and you were already there! I had never seen your face look so beautiful, so majestic, so pure. A fawn in the mist of a cool autumn morning, an eagle soaring far above without a care, a kitten sleeping on its back on a wool blanket. You were there! I was still on the edge. You didn’t move. Your contentment touched the apex. You were free; no desires, no concerns – just purity. I hung there, between the quagmire and the infinite searching your visage for a final prompt, one more little push, just a tug to start my leap, but it never came.
You motionless, me hanging. I was at the door. I had nothing to lose, everything to gain. Was it the wind, or just time? The door began to shut. Well-worn thoughts raced; it’s so new, it may be a hoax, I can make it here, it could ruin your life. Your eyes said nothing. They had spoken, many many times. They were now finished speaking.
The door was nearly shut. A quagmire or an opening? Your changeless expression, what? Why? I understand! It’s my decision, no one else’s. That’s why there is no final push, no mandate. But there is the ‘how’. What do I do? I would have guessed that intellect would have showed the way. But as is the case in many of these quintessential matters, it is just the opposite. Here, it was lack of intellect. There were no clues, no signs, no reasonings – just a partially open door. It was the time, my time, to attest to or negate the idea of something being ‘out beyond’ or not. It was my decision. Eyes could lead me to the door, but no expression was possible to lead me through the door.
The door, now one inch from closed. But it knows. I did what everyone who crosses over does – nothing. You can’t do anything to enable the cross-over. You just let it happen. My eyes shut and the Infinite disengaged me, from all that I thought was me. It is a preparation for what is to come. A cleansing, a softening, an opening, that enables assimilation on the other side.
I slipped through during the final moments the door was open. Inside, or should I say, ‘outside’, we met, really, for the first time. Your expression hadn’t changed, and it didn’t have to. The Infinite is perfection, and peace. There is nothing like ‘more sparkling’. If something is supposed to sparkle there, it sparkles perfectly.
The original flow had stopped. Now it is time to listen, as the Infinite introduces us to bliss at the highest level. Magic feelings, dream-like vistas and tingling contentment await at each juncture.
Wondering . . . Is it time, right now, to jump – or to stay in the boat?