Your Cup

The morning touches you with the subtle idea of ‘intangibles’.

Fog, uncertainty, the mystical.

You probably won’t be given the answer to ending a war, but you might be surprised by a moment of clarity just up around the bend. A mental obstacle you thought was a wall may just vanish, exposing a chunk of the Infinite you never knew existed.

Don’t give a cup a chance to interrupt your dream. It couldn’t hold any of the forthcoming Magic anyway.

Ponder instead . . . everything that is not in the cup.

A wall has just come down! You are entitled to experience every last morsel that is no longer being hidden from you.

Look at the picture again. It’s not the cup! It’s not you! Forget about the petty mundane.

It’s everything else.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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