Unexpected Moments of the Unknown

Not just all the stuff we’ll never see in the universe. Not everything with which we will never come in contact. Not the nothingness, but the things we may have been near, and we may have seen, but their image couldn’t be recorded in our memory because they had transcended above our capacities for recognition.

A person maybe, an awkward moment, where both of you are engaged in picking something up one of you has dropped. Fumbling, your eyes meet. There’s an immediate feeling of awareness. as if you just met god. A moment of intoxication.

There is no fear, but every aspect of certainty has evacuated your faculties. Nothing remains but a feeling of uncertainty. Outmatched. Humbled. You’ve just stepped over the boundary of your imagination.

Thoughts, all of them, are blurry. Summoning words for a sentence becomes impossible. This is a moment of highest importance but your senses have no way to comprehend that importance.

Is this the world of imagination being born from a worldly embryo? Is it a dream trying to intertwine itself with our simple daily duties? Is it really just a completely unexpected moment touching the Majestic?

That person . . . was he or she the gateway to other boundless possibilities? Could he or she have opened that locked door of your imagination? Without their presence —- have you deleted that stage where you could have lived and prospered in a realm of wonder and Magic?

Surely, no one knows. But all of our little tastes of the Infinite deserve to be cherished. Their power will never be known until they are harnessed, nurtured and brought to life.

And we get smacked with the question . . .

are there limits to what our minds can believe and achieve?

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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