Our Pot, Our Life

Everything which you come in contact ends up in your pot.

Laughter mixes with tears. Love somehow flavors heartbreak as heartbreak spices love. Adventure infuses the mundane while the opposite occurs. Hardship, harmony; they all add to the richness of the unique blend that is totally your own . . . your own masterpiece.

There each of us are, swirling around in our own pot, perhaps curious as to what emotion, or feeling will rise to the surface next.

Every so often an imperceptible nudge brings about an almost secret whisper that transcends normal mundane existence and awakens the soul to its own Infinite potential. Your, truly unique, self.

Today, maybe the shackles of self-doubt have finally simmered away, and that simmering has left an emboldened structure declaring your own liberation.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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