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For four years, many years ago, this kid gave up his worldly freedoms and joined the military. The U.S. military. Something called ‘Vietnam’ was calling and I bit.

I answered the call. Took the vows to protect a country. My country. Understood that it was my duty to give MY life for this country, at any time it was needed.

Get in line. March. Eat chow. March. Go to school. Eat chow. March. Basic training. Salute. Respect. Get in line. Follow. Do your duty. Follow the rules. Give your life if necessary.

Go to Texas, Mississippi, Massachusetts, Turkey. Don’t question anything. Just go. I went. Four years.

Now . . . the tune has changed. Sorry. The time for ‘protection’ is over. No one is an enemy, a murderer, a drug dealer, a thief, a rapist or a robber anymore. We can now trust EVERYONE! SORRY we put your life in jeopardy back when, and sorry to all those others who were willing – and did – give their life for THIS country.

Now – Everyone is welcome! It’s party-time. Y’all come. Not just hundreds of y’all, not just thousands . . . Hell no! Millions! MILLIONS!

No police needed. Who’s bringing the champagne? Don’t worry, it WILL show up. And this is not just for military personnel of other countries – Hell No – everyone! Families? Sure. Past criminals? Absolutely. Addicts? How could we preclude them! Folks that want to disrupt our country even more than it is? Bring’em on over.

Sure, they will need housing, food, schools, medical care, policing, and in a day or two THEY will need to be protected, I guess. We’ll work it out later. Right now, turn on the ‘WELCOME’ signs.

It’s party time people! Let the military take a break for a decade or two. Let’s for once divorce ourselves from the ‘love and protection of our own country’ and share it with others . . . no matter who they are or when they want to come on over. Pop another cork and let the champagne flow.

Make sure to keep conscription in place, though. Think of all those red carpets that will have to be laid down.

Wasn’t there a beautiful word a while ago that incorporated some respect, some worth, some meaning of giving? A word of respect that was used to honor a person who had offered all that he or she had – his or her own LIFE

Oh, yes . . . ‘Veteran’. To those of us who are still around . . . ‘Thank you, Ladies and Gentlemen’.

Was it all in vain?

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