Moving Forward

It’s time for a new ‘aircraft’ [or life, or thought pattern, or design, or playground, or religion, or way of thinking, etc.].

If you brought with you the idea that this new airplane must have exterior propellers, the jet would never have been conceived.

This ‘Infinite’ that we toss about is the same. If you attach any ‘must-haves’ to the Infinite – forget about its discovery.

Going from prop to jet there was no one to call for answers. There was no group to join to help you get there, nothing to put your trust in that would make the jet’s discovery more certain.

Back then, the propellor was a sure thing. It worked. When you boarded the prop plane you felt secure, when you thought about flying the prop was the thing, the only thing. It was the ‘known’. Safety was associated with it.

There comes a time for change. A better plane is needed [a better life is needed, etc.]. What is the impetus, the cause, that finally gets a mind to leave, to forsake, the safety of a ‘propellor’ and to begin afresh without any of the learned limitations – or ‘knowns’ – from the past?

No jet would ever have been born unless someone abandoned his or her need for safety.

Folks work hard most of their lives in a certain pursuit. Their ways are cemented into their core. Their ways become habits which establish who they are as individuals. AND – they protect those inner feelings of well-being with everything needed to not have to change. They protect those feelings because they represent safety.

So it is today.

No Infinite will ever come to visit if we hang on to the past ideas of a propeller . . . or all those similar to it.

No Infinite will ever appear if we are unable to let go of all we have established as required for our safety.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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