Sometimes the ropes are thick enough to moor massive ships to the shore. Other times they are like feathery wisps of cotton with the weight of a cloud. But, for some reason, they never seem to disappear completely . . . as if we are wearing a cobweb jacket with capricious threads.

Some days we drift, as the shores of reality lose their distinction to abstraction. And for a few moments we desire this disconnection. We note the threads, strings and rope but we take another stab at experiencing life without restrictions.

Something emerging from the deeply entrenched gorges of our mind. Yes! A liberating burst like no other. Shattering the ropes and any other obstructions that we claim as our own. A complete and total disentanglement.

Those ropes do not come as standard equipment. We identify them. We choose them. We pay for them . . . over and over again. We choose to allow them to remain with us. We welcome the boundaries and the cage they provide becomes our home.

It’s improbable anyone will destroy their own ‘home’ all at once. But little solitary side trips made without some of the ropes may erase some of the myopia involved. They may show a bigger, clearer, more wide- open vista of how unnecessary it is to carry all these restrictions with you.

Just on the other side of those ‘ties that bind’ is the realm of . . .

all possibilities.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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