Possible Perspectives

Let’s say you have a problem with someone.

How does that person look to you? How do you thing you look to him or her? How do you look to yourself? How do you think the other person looks to himself or herself? What is the area where you two associate like? If a mutual friend viewed the two of you, what would he think about the duo? What would Santa Claus think of you two?

It’s just a change in perspective and that process can be applied to any situation. Since the blog is about the Infinite, let’s play with that.

Take your situation [expanded here to include any concern] and place it in a venue that has no boundaries, no limitations and where all resources are available. Magical possibilities open up.

And what if you do the same thing with yourself . . . unlock all the shackles and open the locks of closure and sense the complete freedom of everything . . . EVERYTHING!

You may uncover resources that you never even knew existed.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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