The Role of A.I.

A.I. was built on a huge number of recorded ‘reactions’ . . . a huge number of interactions, and ‘memorizing’ everything ever written.

If you haven’t seen it at work recently it is literally amazing. Writing stories, poems, reports, essays, computer programs – all within seconds.

From my reading and understanding, our role will be to become an increasingly better educated assistant to A.I., learning how best to ‘ask’ it what we want or need and learning how to direct it to produce results that are most meaningful.

In an ‘inverse’ way, the Infinite is the A.I. for us. We are limited in knowledge and the Infinite tries to fill us, embolden us, with its infinite capacity.

Just as there must be a strategy for how we are to best use A.I. to maximize its benefits, there is a best way for us to listen, to make time and make room for the suggestions the Infinite is trying to get through to us – to maximize each one of us.

Perhaps the idea here is to discern the best reactions, the best answers, and to let them help us to project our best self.

‘Learn. Listen. Repeat.’ Has a familiar ring to it, doesn’t it?

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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