Office Hours

It was 6:55 A.M. as I stared down the hallway, No one was there. No noise was there. July 7th had started uneventfully. A quick coffee, roll, and a quiet drive to town. No answers were given along the route.

I looked back at the door and the sign hanging on it. Straightforward.

7:01: I tested the doorknob and it turned easily. I slowly pushed the door open and peeked inside. Gray carpet, barren walls and the lights were on. There was a lone chair in the middle of the room. Nothing else. I entered, as if I was going through a toll booth and not paying the toll. There was no sound. I took a seat on the chair. There were no answers.

7:04: Perhaps the nothingness was contagious. Whose ‘Office Hour’ was it, anyhow?

7:10: Was someone going to show up? An answer or two?

7:17: So many questions about uncertainty. Who? Why? How? Then, something strange happened. The questions were still around, but they had lost their inquisitiveness. I guess I could have re-asked the questions and revitalized them, but I had taken on some distinction as a trainer and just brushed the questions away as if they were crumbs.

7:something: Other thoughts entered and I found that I was quite good at brushing unwanted things away. I began to notice facets of my life that had no merit, no value, and the brush took care of them all! No longer did these time-consuming ideas clutter my world. Nor did they any longer contaminate it.

I was introduced to the concept of clarity. It was immediately obvious that clarity couldn’t exist in a noisy venue. And, moreover, it couldn’t exist where things were contaminated. The quieter I became . . . the more I heard. The more perfect the surroundings, the more was observed and understood.

8:27: Like a tiny kitten on a cloud, reality touched my nose. With an imperceptible twitch a memory of what had just been shared with me, filled me. It was nothing I understood, nothing I could convey in any manner whatsoever. A dream from a distant galaxy? The highest and most subtle flickers of consciousness? I had no idea.

Elevated – oh my, yes! Truths? – no idea. Right? Correct? – unknown. Highest feelings? – that is it!!! Inexpressible delight! Purity of emotions! A new dimension of consideration which eliminated all negativity.

8:48: Disoriented, but in the best possible way, I arose and exited the door. It shut slowly behind me. I turned around to see that entranceway to the beyond one more time.

The sign remained, but it left behind a noble understanding of clarity and purity . . .

all its words had disappeared.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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  1. The beginning of something amazing. A mystery…an adventure…an invitation to an expedition into other dominions of consciousness.
    More please.


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