Can I Think That?

In my world, nothing ever goes wrong.

I never get sick.

I never make a mistake.

I never get lost.

My level of contentment is always 100% or higher.

I am always in perfect health and have no issues about weight.

I have heard people dogmatically refuse to accept some of the statements above and others similar to their meaning!

Some will say, “You can’t say you never get sick.” And they mean it!

‘We become what we think about.’ Remember that maxim? What if we insert ‘I never get sick’ into our mind and begin thinking that thought? Will it just be ignored?

Our subconscious acts on what is presented to it. If you say I’m coming down with the flu, you will come down with the flu. But what happens if you say ‘I never get the flu’? Is that too far beyond? Is that too extreme to be recognized? Is it that so few people would ever say that, that makes it a fallacy?

You can choose any words you like, by which to fashion your world. May I suggest that right now you put together the most high statement about yourself of which you can conceive. Let’s say it’s ‘I am the best artist in the world.’ If that idea is couched in resolve and belief, things begin to happen immediately.

Thoughts about; shading, color, textures, perspective, applicators and on and on. Strings of possibilities congregate that never would have been brought together had you never posited that first statement, ‘I am the best artist in the world.’

Your mind doesn’t care how low or exalted your statements are. It will go to work to satisfy them all.

Your mind will go to work to satisfy them ALL.

Be careful what you present to your mind.

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