Pick One

Health. Wealth. Happiness. Bliss. Contentment. Success.

Having problems with one aspect of life? An aspect that you have said ‘No’ to so many times there is no chance in hell you’ll ever make any progress towards the correction of it?

Pick one. The one that isn’t a concern for you. The one you have mastered, and the one over which you have complete control.

O.K., now place that topic in your mind, the one at which you are so good. Feel the delight of that subject. Now, consider ways that you might make that part of your life – even better. Play with that idea and juxtapose all types of possibilities with it.

Maybe it’s just doing it more often, or in a different venue, or with other people, etc. The idea here is to come up with a winner. One that whispers to you that you have selected well.

The creation and establishment of that ‘winner’ is the key concept. Hopefully just that one thought has elevated your life, and made it more special in a certain way,

Let’s say there are a total of ten aspects of life. You have conquered and mastered one of them. Now, address the aspect that gives you the most concern. In the same way, ask yourself how you can make it better, even if it is in the smallest way. Maybe it’s just the idea that you now have control over the subject. Whatever ‘it’ is, delight in that found gem.

You’ve already hit on a solution that works for you up in the fourth paragraph. From there you can imagine how you can use the same principle to modify the other nine aspects.

My favorite vernacular is, ‘How can I make this more perfect?’ No matter what the cause or the feeling(s) involved, they can always be made more perfect.

It’s a beautiful pastime, suggesting to yourself ideas of perfection. Even better . . .

when they begin to get implemented into your life.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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