Planning a Disruption

Good Morning! The tape recorder clicks on, playing a slightly revised edition of yesterday’s thoughts in no particular order. Food – subject of a meeting – an old friend – a medical concern – a phone call – next week’s agenda – and so on.

But every so often we have a flat tire on some mountain road, or in our favorite chair. A moment or two occurs where our minds go blank and we are cut off from our worldly issues. Like an alien without even a token island to count on, we are mentally stuck in nothingness.

Maybe they are snippets of meditation. Tiny intervals of life, void of imperfections. Hidden pauses of silence which may be powerful beyond all understanding.

All too often a tow truck, camouflaged as a phone call or other disruption, arrives and the enlightened experience evaporates.

You don’t have to wait to get stuck. You can buy a set of remarkably poor tires and wheels that will cause breakdowns much more often. Or choose to go out when the weather is treacherous, to attempt to make a delay come more quickly.

Or, just shut your eyes and create your own disruption, your own delay. Go into that magical world where you are waiting for a tow truck. A world where you are no longer in control. A place where there is at least a chance . . .

of uncontaminated thought.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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