Your Reason?

Why did you click on a blog about the Infinite? To find novelty, a new perspective, elevation, an answer?

Better . . . what is your motivation for being here? My guess is that you chose this place because you are motivated by others. Maybe it’s to accomplish a task so that you earn some stamp of approval from someone, or to receive a hit of prestige. Or simply to impress someone else in some way.

The idea may go something like this: Give me the answer, I’ll share it, and all will be happy.

The Infinite does not work like that. There are no ‘answers’ that pop up and solve situations. It comes down to a very personal feeling of the desire for; emancipation, freedom and an epiphany . . . but for YOU only. Not to impress someone else or to find an answer.

Your searching is futile. It’s when you give up on your personal, human means of accomplishment that results start to happen. When you really give up – that is when your old, stale thoughts about life can drift away and be replaced by majestic vistas of grandeur. Venues that beg to fulfill the most complex of problems.

The Infinite is more a state-of-mind than anything else. Not to provide miracles, but to allow a feeling and a strategy to be formed in a person which permits miracles to happen.

You don’t find the Infinite, it finds you.

It’s not a god. It is an enabler.

You don’t find the bounty, it is given to you when you are ready for its arrival.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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