McCormick has brought it to your table!

Not too good on food as yet, but consider some common words that it may enhance . . .

‘Confidence’ for example. Sprinkle a bit on ‘confidence’ and you have Infinite Confidence!

A few shakes and ‘effortlessness’ becomes Infinite Effortlessness!

‘Freedom’ extends to Infinite Freedom.

What would Infinite Confidence mean to you? Might it open a few more doors and change how you proceed through life? If tasks were Infinitely Effortless might you take notice? Is Infinite Freedom something for which you might sign up?

As a caveat, it works on negative subjects as well. Get a little too much on past bad habits and there’s no hope.

It’s on the shelf at Publix. Is it a condiment that you’d choose?

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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