Control or Faith?

You can have faith or you can have control, but you cannot have both.

Bear left: Known. Safe. No surprises. There’s light. You can negotiate. You can plan. Meet somebody there. Structure. Agendas. Mundane. Your creation. Repetition.

But hold on . . . at this particular juncture, at this particular time, there is a hesitation! It’s a sensation. A draw, a pull. The path to the right gets a look down it; to the unknown, to its uniqueness, to its lack of commonality and the lack of use.

Perhaps the path to the right should have a sign above its entrance which says, ‘Faith’. When it is chosen you give up knowing the destination nor the route to it. You hand over control. You consent to not being the driver anymore; but to being led.

And, WHY?

For results that are off the charts. To experience sensations way beyond that which the pathway to the left provides.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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