Beyond Love

Everywhere we go there is this body that accompanies us. Arms, legs, mind; its all jumbled together and we call it ‘me’.

It is our essence, it is who we are. It does everything for us. Everything we want done. It is responsible for what we feel. It is responsible for our health.

During our walk through life we encounter ‘love’ along the way and we respect love’s virtues and love’s power. The question then is this . . .

why do so few people really love themselves?

Sure, everyone feeds themself and keeps themself clean, etc. But what about all the negatives to which people are exposed; drugs, alcohol, dormancy, improper diet, stress, unhealthy conditions?

This idea of ‘love’ can and should start with ourselves; the ‘me’. To function at our best we should be at our best. This ‘body’ is all we have. Skin, bones, blood, muscles, eyes and all the other attributes. If we all started with an undying love for ourselves we wouldn’t allow any negatives in that might cause us harm.

I get that there are addictions – of all types. I also get that all of us have innate powers that can conquer anything.

What would change in your life right now if for an hour you focused on your body and honored it and respected it and loved it in a way higher than you ever thought possible? That you began listening to it for what it is calling for, what it needs, what it has to have to really flourish?

Perfect nourishment may be a start. Then, every muscle needs exercise or it withers. A brain needs higher stimulation. You, you!, have to love yourself. Listen, to hear what it is aching to tell you. Give yourself what you need, not just what you want.

One life. That’s all we get. Honor – who you are. Cherish – every thought that comes to you. Love – yourself and your life. But do it in the most healthy way possible. Respect yourself. Every thing about you. Make everything as perfect as possible.

Honor, honor, who you are.

After a while of listening – and providing yourself with increasingly better resources – a strange thing happens. Your outlook about the future takes on a new aura, one of splendor and new possibilities. What and how you view yourself broadens and with it your beliefs of what is possible expands. Also, what you always deemed as important begins to disappear and in its place the highest and most inconceivably priceless thoughts begin to materialize.

The negative falls away. The good hangs around until it is replaced by something better, and then later something more splendid will replace that.

Beyond Love. Beyond Love! . . . a time comes when you focus no more. A time comes when your giving magically turns to receiving. Your life fills in with perfection that you never knew existed. Then you give thanks. Then you get another handful of love. Then you give love. Then, giving and receiving just meld together in some majestic play of exaltation, Beyond Love.

Beyond Love: Just the contemplation of that subject alone is worthy of merit.

What’s that sound? Is that your body trying to get your attention?

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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