Your Personal Spark of Madness

A brightness all its own. A distinct shape. Kind of a secret you carry around hidden from view, isn’t it?

Been there, well, forever it seems. One of the few things that you ‘own’ that wasn’t learned or forced upon you. More like a ‘persuasion’ than a rigid fact. Similar to a subtle nerve center that very rarely gets visited, if at all.

It lies waiting, perhaps dormant, but always on call.

Call it the Provider. In troubled times it gets bombarded with our questions of ‘Why?’ But unless we are quiet enough its answers are never heard.

The spark also plays a huge role at the other end of the spectrum when elation and Bliss are present. If unbounded during those times, true Magic is available if we are open to it and listen.

During those special moments you don’t find what you want . . .

you find who you are.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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