A step not quite where you wanted it to go. An oh so subtle strange thought about an unknown feeling. A disorientation. A house with no walls but with a lone staircase to nowhere.

A new place where the rules are different. Footsteps but no movement. Thought but no words. A venue that is diametrically different but where there are no words to even start an explanation.

A void. A personal void. Encased in a delicate meaning with no clues.

A void that is unique with seemingly no value but one that offers a change, a new perspective, a new order, Not suitable for everyone, just those that are truly ready for an entirely new playground.

A field that needs new gardeners. New-found tillers that are open to alternative ways and forms of growth.

A void, of no rules whatsoever. A void . . .

of silent fireworks.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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